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3 Important Business Lessons I brought back from NYC

As you might have known, I ventured over to NYC the other week for a conference to speak to some of my partners and to take in a few Broadway shows (8 in total).

This was my third time in NYC and it’s no secret – I love it. Some disagree, but I like the American accent; I always love the fact that complete strangers smile at you on the street and it’s certainly a city that never sleeps (well it does between about 4am-6am).

Every time I head to the Big Apple I spend some time reflecting on my life and business, as this city always teaches me so much just by stopping, watching and listening.

Today I wanted to share 3 important things that NYC taught me on this trip…

1. Smile More

I remember sitting along the Hudson River one morning after a morning walk and just watching people run by and smile at me. Many even said good morning! I can’t tell you how alive I felt after all of these strangers showed me love. I have bought this back to Sydney and although most people think I’m crazy, I plan to change the smile culture in this city one person at a time.

My Lesson: Smile more. Make someone else’s day by flashing them a smile and if you’re feeling daring, say “Good Morning,” or “Hey There”!

2. Get Uncomfortable

I went over by myself. No friends, no lover, no family, just me and a suitcase (that weighed an additional 8kg on the way back). If you’ve been to NYC, you know that it’s a walker’s paradise. The city is heaven to walk around especially in the summer sun. I spent many days wandering around the city, many nights just walking into random restaurants and bars and completely immersed myself in the atmosphere. I had no data on my phone so sitting on Facebook was out of the question. The conversations and experiences I had were out of this world… certainly wouldn’t have happened if I had my face in my phone, that’s for sure.

My Lesson: Venture outside your comfort zone. Just throw yourself into new places and situations. Oh, and keep your phone hidden, or even better – leave your phone at home!

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

I did do a small amount of business while I was away. I was speaking with a few businesses about setting up some strategic partnerships, which was interesting and rewarding at the same time. I went into some of these conversations without the conviction and confidence I generally have. I was afraid to ask for what I wanted … I was helping their business and giving big value, so why couldn’t I ask for what I wanted in return… I pushed through this, reminded myself of what I had to offer and signed some deals.

My Lesson: No matter what the situations is, if you’re giving value be confident in asking for what you want. Never underestimate your expertise, skill and value. Ever!

There you have it. 3 lessons from my recent trip to NYC. Have you been to NYC before? I’d love you to comment below on what your experience has been and the lessons you’ve learned.


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