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3 steps to dominate social media

During a recent speaking engagement, I was presenting my ideas and concepts regarding how to use social media effectively. One of the attendees began sharing with the group her pain points related to social media. The primary pain point…feeling overwhelmed.

In short, she was confused on what platforms to have a presence on and what she should be posting to keep people interested. She’s not alone…there are a lot of social media options out there and choosing the right path can be a bit nerve wracking. What usually happens, as happened with our attendee, is that people get on ALL of the social media outlets but find that they’re not doing any of them particularly well.

So – with this newsletter I wanted to share with you my 3 steps to social media success that eliminates the stress of it all.

1. Where is your target market spending their time?

This is a slight “trick question” in that by now you should already know your target market. If you don’t…we definitely need to talk! But, when you do have clarity on your target markets it’s important to identify where they are spending the majority of their “social media” time. For example…if your market isn’t on Twitter, why would you waste time building your Twitter presence?

2. Pick a primary and secondary platform

Restaurants that try to be all things to all people will fold in no time. You must also recognise that you can’t be all things to all social media followers. Don’t worry about trying to capture every single person…just use the ol’ 80-20 rule. Find out where the majority of your target market spends its time and master that social media platform. Then focus on the second largest group and become and expert on that. Once you hit those two major platforms, you’re probably reaching the vast majority of your potential clients.

3. Have a plan and stick to it!

You’re in business to run your business…not to spend hours a day figuring out what to put on your social media pages. Even 30 minutes a day is a half hour better spent somewhere else. So…it’s time to create a schedule where you know the “type” of content you’re going to post. Will it be articles, blogs, images, quotes? Get a clear picture of what you want to do then set aside a reasonable amount of time to get this done. Once you do that, be sure you stick to it and the stress of social media will start to melt away.

There’s no question that social media is a great way to get your business out in front of the masses. It can also be quite simple…if you do it right. Throw away the preconception that you have to be out there everywhere, all the time. Remember…the point is to grow your business and grow your sales. Social media is a “tool” to help that happen and should never be a drain on your time or energy.

Of course, I go a lot further into a digital strategy for your business in my Undiscovered 2 Authority mentoring program. If you want further details please send me an email and I’d be happy to discuss the details of the program and how it can help you.

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