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A New Year…and?

It’s a new year and a new you. This is your year. Make this a year to remember. On and on it goes. From TV commercials to banner adverts, we’re constantly being told by both people and companies that now is the time to make a change and live the life we want. The truth? We can start leading the life we want any day of the year.

Some of you may know that I’m a huge fan of taking daily action in order to produce long-term success. My favourite books on this principle are “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson and “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. The primary message of each book is that there are no quick fixes or magic pills when it comes to leading a life of wealth—and not just monetary wealth, but wealth that permeates your entire life, making your career and relationships as fulfilling as your bank statement. It all comes down to practising effective daily habits to move you closer and closer to that point of success, whatever that may look like for you.

So as you leap into 2015, ask yourself who you need to become and what habits you need to stop or adopt daily to make your vision of success a reality. As Jim Rohn says, “Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you. It can be like trying to chase butterflies. Success is something you attract and accumulate by the person you become.”

I wish you a brilliant start to 2015. If you have goals you want to achieve to make this year better than any other, start taking action today—and continue taking that action every day. Not just for 30 days, but for 30 years (or more). If your goals are aligned to your purpose, I’m certain you’ll knock it out of the park!

Good luck!


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