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All you can eat online leads

Last week I wrote about your sales funnel. Not surprisingly, I received a truckload of emails from people asking for some strategies on how they could generate leads quickly into their funnel.

2 weeks ago I presented to a room of about 50 business owners on how to generate leads into their business through online strategies, so today thought it would be timely to share some of those ideas with you.

Lead generation is a pretty cool thing and each of us is continually generating leads in our life and business from online dating to Facebook adverts. We really are lead generating machines, but before I give you some ideas on lead generation I need to make sure this is what you really want. You might say “Of course I do!”…but before you do say that, let me explain why I ask.

I had a business owner come to me this week with a business that needs more sales. Naturally you might think they need more leads to make more sales…but not so fast! What they in fact needed was a better lead nurturing system. What I mean by this is once you capture the details from a lead – what process do you take them on to build trust and credibility? Do you send them emails full of value or do you jump right into asking for the sale? Are the leads that are already received being “converted” properly? If not…then it might not be leads you need but a tweak to the process to move them through the sales funnel.

I could cover the lead nurturing process in an upcoming newsletter if you’d like, but for now, let’s get back to how you get leads online because that’s what you all wanted. Well, the ones that wrote to me did!

Here are a handful of strategies to get you started.

1. Contests – A contest is a great way to engage with your ideal clients. Simply use one of the competition apps to create a compelling contest that could include entering with a video, sharing to gain points and more. They will fill in their contact details and be entered into your email marketing software. You can post the competition through your Facebook page and drive traffic through low cost ads.

2. Quizzes – There are a few apps out there at the moment that gives you a template for a quiz that you can promote through social media and your website. How it works – people fill in the quiz and then provide their contact details in order to get their results. Once they do this you can put them on an automated email sequence that gets them further down into your sales funnel. As an example, if you’re a beauty salon you could do a “Know your Skin Type” quiz. The possibilities are endless no matter what industry you’re in.

3. Webinars – I’m sure you’ve been on a webinar before. They are all the rage because they work (for most businesses). Simply pop up a landing page for your webinar and promote it through your networks and partners. If your webinar topic is relevant for your ideal customer then you’ll be a very happy person. Again, you want a sleek follow up sequence of emails for those that attend, don’t attend or leave your webinar. (P.S. You want to sell something at the end of your webinar).

4. Podcast – A Podcast is a great way attract your ideal client audience. Provide them with regular valuable content and then send them off to your website for more cool content that they need to opt in for.

5. Affiliates – Think about where your customers are going before they come to you and after they come to you. These could be your affiliates. They’ll send traffic to your site (opt in page, ideally) and then if that customer makes a purchase your affiliate will take a commission.

There’s a lot here to take in! Need help implementing any of this? My team can help you. Email us for more details.


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