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Are Facebook ads doing your head in?

I’ve been using Facebook ads to promote different areas of my business for nearly two years now and it’s been equally exciting and frustrating!

You see, at a glance Facebook adverts look super cool because you can really zoom in on your ideal clients and tailor your advert to make it really relevant to your audience. The problem is, SO many people get it wrong. They select the wrong ad type, make their target audience too broad or too narrow, use ineffective images, or fail to write copy that encourages the user to click and take action. In short, they spend their advertising budget very ineffectively.

I’m not too proud to say that the example above was me a few years ago. I would easily spend $100 on a Facebook Advert campaign and get a few clicks and poof… money gone and no new business.

After spending loads of cash, heaps of hours researching and testing, I’m now happy to say that Facebook adverts make up one of my top three promotional strategies for attracting new leads for my programs and events.

When creating a Facebook Advert Campaign you need to ask yourself 3 questions:

1. What’s Your Objective?
2. Who Is The Audience You’re Targeting?
3. How Much Have You Got To Spend?

This is most important. What is it you want from your ad campaign? Page likes (I wouldn’t pay for this), opt in to an IFG, event registrations, webinar registrations, program sales, etc? Be sure you understand what you need to accomplish to call it a successful campaign before you even begin.

Who are you going to be targeting? Now, remember my favourite saying “You can’t be all things to everyone”. For example, let’s say you’re wanting to create an ad campaign to sell your e-book “Find a lover in a week.” You can’t simply target the entire world! Maybe you would create two campaigns…one targeted to single males and the other to single females. You’ll need to go deeper and select location and potential interests. You can get super-targeted with this and make the message very relevant for your audience. This will increase ad engagement and conversions.

How much you spend is up to you but you probably recognise that you’ll need to spend some cash to get a result. However, this route is usually not as much as you would have to spend through Google AdWords or other advertising mediums. This all depends on your objective and audience. I generally can get some great results for around $100-$200 across a seven day period.

So now what…
Now that you’ve got something in place you will need to test and measure. Most people I speak to aren’t fans of this part as it takes money and time (I know, I did it for a year). I run through this entire process in my Undiscovered 2 Authority mentoring program, but one of my online buddies, Amy Porterfield, has an awesome FREE webinar that will teach you the essentials for setting up Facebook ads that convert. Simply head here and register for the webinar. I’ve learned a stack from Amy over the past 12 months and I know you can too.

Now is the time to take advantage of Facebook Ads and make them work for your business!


P.S. 100% transparency here. If you end up buying anything from Amy I’ll receive a commission, as I’m an affiliate of hers. I’d never share someone’s program or products if I haven’t had first hand experience of what they provide. Amy is the best in this space and I’m 100% confident that her free webinar will teach you a huge amount!

To speak with Clint about how he help you go to the next level and beyond in your business click here.

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