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Are You A Part Time Player?

Have you ever had a goal in life?  Of course you have.  Maybe you wanted to lose weight, get a promotion at work, start your own business, have better communication with your partner, save 20% of your wage… you get the idea.

A goal is defined as the aim or object towards which an endeavour is directed. Quite simply, it’s identifying something you want.

The thing is, creating a goal is the easy part.  Where things start to unravel is when the decisions and actions that must be made to achieve that goal aren’t completed.

When you’ve been working towards a goal, how much time have you committed to reaching your desired outcome? Over the years I’ve worked with many people who treat their goals as a part time hobby. The only time they think or spend time actively working on their goals is when it suits them or when they’re bored.  With an attitude such as this, is it any surprise that most people do not achieve their goals?

Weekends are a great time to unwind and spend a few hours planning your following week and identifying what small action you can be taking that week to move you closer to what you want. Unfortunately weekends are seen as two days where you let loose, sleep, eat and party.  Make no mistake, I’m not being a party pooper here.  Letting your hair down occasionally is crucial but if you’re living from one weekend to the next then life isn’t going to change for you!

Get clear on what you want and start putting away a few hours each week where you can plan, make decisions and take the right type of action that will move you closer and closer to reaching your goals.

You have complete control over this. No excuses please, just results!

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