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Our guest today on The Success Assembly Podcast is Dave Cervelli.

After spending most of his early 20’s travel hoping around Europe, his life changed when he convinced the original Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort to give him a scholarship to his $25K course. 6 months after starting the course he had helped build a $10 million dollar call centre business, and closed almost half a million dollars in personal sales including the world’s leading airline.

In this episode Dave and I discuss:

How Dave ended up in a room with Jordan Belfort and convinced him to give you that scholarship

  • What email message he wrote to get Jordan’s attention

Some of the big lessons Dave learned from the best names in business, sales and marketing

  • Everyone can be an entrepreneur
  • The significant role of effective communication in the success of business
  • Never underestimate the value of the X factor (having the courage to do something)

Dave’s methodology on sales and why does it work

  • Motivation wears off quickly but a sales strategy is long lasting
  • The market has changed and people don’t respond today to some of the methodologies (i.e social media)
  • The ability to connect with your audience/market effectively
  • Synthesizing programs that are already in existence and making it available

What mistakes small business owners are making when it comes to selling services and products in their business

  • Do not sell your product from your own pocket
  • Charm and enthusiasm is not enough to sell your product

What’s one thing that a business owner could do today in regards to sales that would radically change the results in their business

  • Learn and invest in the tactics
  • Learn how to get the right feedback and advice
  • Create a test group for the customers
  • Have a mastermind or advisory board
  • Don’t maintain small business thinking

Enjoy the interview with Dave hereHave a lovely week!




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