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Be a limited edition

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There are many people in this world and it’s a fact that you can’t please them all. Another fact is that you are uniquely you and that no one else looks, acts or feels the way you do. So, it’s time to take ownership of who you are and be true to yourself. Then and only then will your true fans step forward.

Do you ever feel like you have multiple personalities? I’m a Gemini so I know all about multiple personalities…so I’ve been told. What I mean is that you go to work and you’re one person, go home and you’re another, see friends and you’re another and the list goes on. Does that make sense?

Recently, I got really curious around why people have so many different ways of acting in their different environments. For me, I dropped the act when I realised that I simply couldn’t please everyone so why not focus on making myself happy and doing the work I love instead of trying to be what I thought everyone else wanted me to be. Doing that is simply a lose-lose situation.

At the end of the day the first thing we need to do is to be true to ourselves (yes, I’m channeling my inner Oprah). How often do you assess where you’re at in your life and business? Are you living each day being true to yourself or are you surrounded by people who tell you how it should be? Do you find more often than not that you will listen to them, adapt and become someone you think they want to you be to either “keep the peace”, get the promotion or bring in new business?

I remember having this conversation with a client not too long ago who said “So Clint, you’re saying that what I see on stage presenting to a room full of people is the same Clint that sits in front of me today during our one on one session?” Fair question with an easy answer: “Absolutely!” You see, on stage I’m a more amplified version of myself but I’m still Clint. I’m the same Clint on a date (maybe that’s why I’m single), the same Clint with family and friends, the same Clint when I work with small business owners or staff in a large organisation.

So, will you commit be being a limited edition? Will you live life on your terms while making a difference and being on purpose? The decision is yours.

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