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Brand Romance – 4 Marketing Tips from Lady Gaga

Have you ever been to a concert that had you buzzing so much that you wanted to jump up on stage with the artist? That was me last Saturday night, when my friend Kate and I saw Lady Gaga in concert. It was the fourth time I’ve seen her perform—and whether you like her music or not, it’s impossible to leave the arena without admitting that she’s a killer performer.

The show got me thinking: How did this so-called “normal” girl from New York become the business empire that is Lady Gaga? The answer: MARKETING!

Luck plays no part in Lady Gaga’s success as an artist and a brand. She has millions of raving fans following her on social media (she calls them her “little monsters”), has won numerous awards, signed many endorsement deals, and she sells out concerts around the globe. She’s doing what she loves, making a huge impact on her customers, and earning herself a stack of cash.

What can we learn from her strategy? Today, I’d love to share with you four marketing lessons I’ve learned from Lady Gaga:

1. Make Marketing a Part of Your DNA. When Lady Gaga goes to her neighborhood bodega for a pint of milk, she’s not wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Every moment of every day, she’s on—reinforcing her brand and marketing herself to current and potential new customers. And when she has a new album coming out, does she begin marketing it the month before? Of course not: She’s marketing herself and her music each and every day. It’s part of her lifestyle.

Lesson: Inhabit a marketing mindset daily. Your entire team (even if it’s just you) should be in involved in your company’s marketing strategy—its overall goals and thesis. Don’t just think of marketing in terms of campaigns. Treat it like your oxygen.

2. Shine Your Light. If Lady Gaga started out doing the same thing as every aspiring female artist out there, would she be where she is today? No. She’s successful because she stands out. Think of all the attention and coverage she gets for her over-the-top outfits (remember the meat dress?) and risqué video clips.

Lesson: Be bold. Leave bland behind. Write an article that challenges your industry; stand up for what you believe in during an interview. This is your voice and you have to make it heard.

3. Focus on Your Hardcore Fans. Lady Gaga has millions of followers, but does she give them all the same attention? No. She gives her little monsters, her one-percenters, the lion’s share of her love and attention, which causes them to wave their Gaga flags more enthusiastically than ever to their own networks.

Lesson: You can’t be all things to all people. Focus on those customers that love your products, services, and brand, and give them a little extra love. These are the people that will bring more customers to your front door.

4. Be Humble. I lost count of the number of times Lady Gaga thanked her fans (me included), telling us that if it weren’t for our support that there would be no Lady Gaga. She was genuinely grateful, and it showed.

Lesson: A simple thank-you to your customers goes a long way. Build and nurture your relationships. Asking for their input and opinion makes them feel valued and important.

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