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Can you believe it? I got engaged!

Since this only happened a little while ago I haven’t shared this news with many people. Only recently have I started to let people know…and I’m very excited about it! When I got engaged I can honestly say it completely changed my life. I stopped focusing on the thought that everyone was a possible match. Instead, I focused on who would truly value and appreciate what I had to offer.

You know…maybe I should stop here and clarify that I’m talking about engaging with my IDEAL CLIENTS…not my ideal partner. Hope you weren’t confused!

Back to my point…once I got engaged with the right clients everything started to fall into place. Time and again I see the recurring issue with business owners who ask me for help and advice. They feel frustrated by the fact that they’ve been told by someone or read somewhere that they should have one “target market” or “ideal client.” While this thought process works for a handful of businesses, you must realise that this may not be right for you!

If you’re anything like me then you probably love diversity and want to create a thriving business model that can support your goals of developing multiple revenue streams by offering an array of products and services. In short, you want to appeal to more people, more groups, more “target markets.”

I’ll break this down with an example from my business…

I offer four private 90-day mentoring programs for business owners. One of my programs, Undiscovered 2 Authority, has been created for service-based business owners looking to create a more leveraged business model while, at the same time, positioning themselves as an authority figure in their industry. They want to become the “go-to” person in their industry so they need to be viewed as the expert in their field. My other three programs are for entirely different types of business owners who have different challenges and goals. By avoiding a laser-beam focus on only one “target market,” I’m able to avoid the dependence on only one service while getting the benefit of being able to work with fantastic business owners across a wide range of industries!

However, this approach requires a certain process in order to have a stable business that supports various groups. That approach…a solid engagement (marketing) strategy that meets the needs of each target market!

Would you like to learn how to do what I did? If so…then it’s time to let you know that I will be sharing this process at my upcoming live Business Accelerator 3-hour workshops for business owners in Sydney. If you haven’t registered for your FREE ticket then I’d recommend jumping on it today since the groups are limited to only 25 people per event. Right now, there are less than 10 tickets available for each event so if you’re interested in learning more please make sure you register today!

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