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Confessions of a junkie

As business owners we all know that it’s vital to keep the business growing and moving forward at all times. By “growing” I mean that you’re able to hear about new information and techniques that can be applied to your business. Really, it’s all about taking action and implementing positive changes.

But…there can also be an overload. All too often I meet small business owners who jump from workshop to workshop like a super ball in a dryer. They sign up for and attend countless workshops and seminars but never actually find what really resonates with them and never actually implement anything. They “learn” a lot but wonder why after 2 years of workshops their business is no better off!

As full disclosure, I too was a workshop junkie at one point in my career. About six years ago I realised every weekend I was bouncing from one free event to the next frantically scribbling pages of notes each time. Although each workshop and seminar provided good information, I rarely implemented any of it.

Sure…I felt fired up and excited about what I learned in the short term. After a year of this, even though I didn’t invest any money, I found that I invested a HUGE amount of my time. As we all know, time equals money, right? I realised that I didn’t need help with “ideas”, I needed help with implementing these ideas. My business wasn’t growing, my bank account wasn’t growing…I needed to change something.

The next year I decided to try a new strategy. I decided to invest some money in a mentor who would support me with my business growth. To this day, I can say with all sincerity that this was the best decision I ever made. My business made an additional $50k that year and a year after that I sold it.

Since that time, I’ve never looked back. Of course, I still visit the occasional workshop now and again but I’ve always had a mentor available to me. I generally stay with a mentor for 6 to 12 months before moving onto another expert. It really all depends on what my business needs at that time.

So ask yourself, where are you at in your business? Are you investing in the future of your business or are you jumping around looking for the next big thing, the next quick fix, or the next clever acronym that promises to make life easy for you?

My advice…get prepared to make some real changes in 2014. Do your research and seek out someone who can help take you and your business to the next level. 2014 starts is 4 weeks! Decide where you want to be this time next year and get moving.

Whether you take this journey with me or another mentor I encourage you to explore your options and take action. I’m confident I could help you…just check out what the people I’ve helped are saying here. You can also shoot me an email for more information on my 90 day private mentoring programs and I will be happy to work with you. But either way…take action and get yourself and your business where you want it to be!

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