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Create a Marketing Plan for Your Business Using 4 Marketing Channels that Crush it Each Time

Successful marketing. Marketers make it look pretty damn simple right?! I mean for me, marketing is the most fun part about running a business. Last week I was with a client and in 90 minutes we mapped out their entire marketing plan for the rest of 2014.

So why do so many small businesses fail at marketing and creating a marketing plan? In my experience business owners make marketing so much harder than it has to be. They think it takes hours of their valuable time. Successful marketing doesn’t. Quite simply marketing is about…

#1 Identifying your ideal customer

#2 Finding out where they are (where are they hanging out in all aspects of their life)

#3 Creating simple steps to connect with them – the marketing plan!

Today I wanted to give you 4 killer marketing channels that are blowing it out of the park with my clients. To create a super-hot marketing plan, all you need to do is reach out to your customers on a consistent and effective basis.

Your plan should include a step by step instructions on how you can connect with your customers to get them fired up about you. Set aside 90 minutes a week and implement the following steps to reach out to your customers using these 4 channels.

1. Create Inbound Marketing that Gets Tongues Wagging

Inbound marketing is just a technique that encourages customers to come looking for you. Sounds good right? Inbound marketing works wonders. Start creating value added content. What do you customers want to read about? What gets them talking about you at the coffee machine? Value added content may sound hard to create but essentially all it means is creating content that gets your clients fired up and eager to talk about you and to talk to you.

Write regularly. Upload helpful videos. Create a poll. Ask your customers what they want to know about. If you’re stuck for content, what about jumping over to a complimentary site where you ideal customers are hanging out? Can you connecting with them there? What are they talking about? Sure this strategy can take a bit of tick tock time but if the content you create is interesting, customers will come a knocking. When creating your marketing plan, make sure you include inbound marketing actions for each week. Create one piece of interesting content and then make sure you get that content to your clients.

2. Spread Word Of Mouth, Spread Good Cheer

Heaps of business owners tell me they get plenty of referrals business but don’t have a proper referral program in place. Create a referral program and take one step to promote this program every week. Get this happening and watch your sales increase!

Speak to the businesses that compliment your business. Create a viable local business network that supports everyone in the area. Ask your local supporters how you can support them. A little goodwill goes a long way. There are few business who will turn down local support. By creating a strong local network you will increase your own support a hundred fold. Make sure you support one business each week or reach out to your network at least once a week.

3. Marketing Events that Get Attention

I wrote a blog the other week about creating events. Create a schedule of your own events or a schedule of events to attend and work on extending your network of contacts. Check out for local events happening in your area or you may want to start or join a LinkedIn Group.

Attend events and learn. Take notes on what went right and what could have been better. Get clear on why people attend events and what will draw them to yours. Events are a great way to network and interact with your customers and a great way to get them talking about you. Make sure your event shines a spotlight on your customers and their needs, and they will keep your business in the spotlight too.

4. Paid Digital Advertising

Advertising pays. There is a reason why Coca-Cola still advertise on every medium available. Whether you run a facebook advertising campaign or Google AdWords campaign make sure your brand or company remains in front of your ideal customers. Keep your advertising fresh and interactive. Use your content ideas to make sure your advertising is interesting and that clients and customers want to engage with you and your product.

Use These Creative Marketing Channels to Stay Ahead of the Pack

Consistent attention to your inbound marketing, word of mouth, events and advertising will put your business a step ahead of the rest. If you know your customer, take the time to talk about what they are interested in and invest in your local community, you will be pleasantly surprised at the support you will receive.

If you spend 8 hours at work, Monday to Friday, then 90 minutes is less than 4% of your time. So invest 90 minutes of your week this week to get clear on where your customers are coming from for the next 6 months and create steps to reach out to them using the channels mentioned above.

Would you like me to help you hand craft a killer marketing plan? Jump on over to here and let’s chat.


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