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Do You Love Me?

I may have misled you: This isn’t about me. It’s about your customer.

Being obsessed with running my own customer-centered business and helping others do the same means I’m continually on the lookout for what others are doing to place their customer at the heart of their business while growing as a company—and putting more money in the bank.

Last August I visited New York City and had the chance to visit a great discount bookstore, where I picked up a heap of books from my reading wish list. One of these books was Delivering Happiness by Zappos CEO Tony Heish. Heish writes about the many times that Zappos nearly went bust; it wasn’t until they made their customer’s happiness their number-one priority that the company began to skyrocket.

Honesty Time…

Where does your customer sit on your focus list? Are they up top, or are they a few rungs down the ladder?

My Truth…

When I started my business, sales were my number-one focus. Of course I wanted to help my clients achieve their business goals, but my driving force was to get more and more sales. And after creating a sales roadmap, I got them—but I quickly realized that this approach creates short-term success but doesn’t result in long-time clients that become raving fans (which is what leads to referrals and recommendations).

It wasn’t until I shifted my focus to the customer and found my absolute purpose that my business became a sustainable one that makes a difference in the lives of many.

How can you start to build a tribe of loyal lifetime customers instead of bouncing from new sale to new sale? How can you add massive value and “wow” moments for your existing customers?

Get your customers loving you like crazy this year—and see your business transform.


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