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I was presenting a workshop to a group of business owners the other night and they were fascinated with what it takes to create a successful I.F.G.! So today, I’m going to share with you my thoughts on what works (I’ve done enough testing of this for all of you so let me save you the time!).

I suppose now might be a good time to stop to answer your question…that is, “What the heck is an I.F.G.?”

An I.F.G. is an Irresistible Free Gift! It’s a free piece of super valuable content that your ideal client cannot live without.

Sounds simple, right? The good news, it actually is simple! You see, no matter what type of business you run it’s a “non-negotiable” that you have an I.F.G. on the homepage of your website. This is your #1 tool to generate new leads while growing one of the biggest assets in your business…YOUR LIST.

It’s amazing how often I sit down for a breakthrough session with a new client and ask them how big their list is and nothing comes out of their mouth. Whether you’re starting in business or have been in business for a while we all have a list we can start with…even if it’s only 10 people! Actually one of my clients started with 23 on her list and built it to 500 in under 30 days. Not bad for someone just starting off in business, right?

Having an I.F.G. accelerates your list growth which means more leads and more opportunities for sales. Over the last few months I’ve produced 2 I.F.G.’s. The first was my Top 40 Must Have Online Tools For Business Owners (on my website homepage) and the second was 10 Ways To Attract Clients In 10 Days. Both of these tools have been fantastic for building my list. In 5 days I had 100 NEW contacts opt in and download my 10 Ways To Attract Clients in 10 Days.

Now, once they get on your list it’s a whole other conversation about what you do with them. Today is all about the I.F.G.’s.

Someone said to me the other night… “Sounds great Clint, but what can I give away, I’m a Dentist?”.

I flashed him a smile and gave him these Top 9 I.F.G. options which are the most popular and highest converting types of tools working in 2014.

1. Video training series
2. E-Book
3. Audio series
4. Book chapters
5. Tool kits and checklists
6. Guides
7. White paper
8. Pre-recorded webinar
9. Complimentary consultation

The idea I actually provided the dentist was to create a checklist with a few things people can do everyday to keep healthy, happy and white teeth. The headline I came up with was “3 Steps you can do each each day to maintain glowing white and healthy teeth [NOTE: It doesn’t include brushing or flossing].”

Now it’s your turn. What’s your I.F.G. going to be? Or, if you already have an I.F.G. how can you make it more compelling to your ideal client and increase your opt in rate?

During Client Attraction Formula LIVE on Saturday 29 March in Sydney (which I’d love to see you attend!) I’ll be going deep into building a killer I.F.G. plus a lot more. You can grab your ticket and all the info right HERE. If you can’t make the event and would like help with your I.F.G, simply email me.

Get cracking on your I.F.G.!

P.S. Attract 10 clients in 10 days with my FREE guide. Download it here!

To speak with Clint about how he help you go to the next level and beyond in your business click here.

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