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From Employee to Entrepreneur – The steps to design a buisness and life on your own terms

Wendy Mak

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Aside from this humid, thunderstorm thing Sydney has going on at the moment, it’s truly a great time of year. A time of year for me, where I go out for more dinners than usual and spend time with people that inspire me but who I can have a lot of fun with.

The thing with owning a business though is that you never really get the opportunity to switch completely off. I have a few friends in corporate that get to unplug from work 100% for a few weeks and they love it, some of them look forward to it all year!

To be honest, I ‘m giving myself a week of “not working” but during that time I’ll check urgent emails, get back to clients etc. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

When I speak with my friends who are working for a company as an employee it reminds me of the times I’ve been helping build someone else’s dream. Being told what to do, working 9-6 at a desk, getting involved in all the politics and drama. At the time I thought there was no other choice but later on I found out that there certainly is!

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many corporate refugees who have escaped and gone on to create their own business. Wendy Mak is one of these people.

Today on The Success Assembly podcast I’m speaking with Wendy who went from working in corporate to having her own fashion styling business to teaching other women how to run a fashion styling business to now helping women create thriving businesses of their own.

In this inspiring interview (if I do say so myself), Wendy and I discuss:

1. The catalyst that made her decide to leave her desk job and start running her own business

2. Her next steps to starting that journey of being a business owner

  • How to assess the gap and demand in the market for your products and services

3. How her business evolved 12-18 months after she launched

4. What are the qualities she brought along with her that made her successful during that transition?

5. PR Agency vs. Acquiring skills and knowledge yourself to get known

  • When is the proper time to hire a publicist or PR agency

6. Marketing strategies and what really works

  • How to develop a database of not just readers or subscribers but raving fans
  • How to build long-term lifetime relationships and authentic connections

7. How to really manage and thrive and get to the next level not only to your business but also in your life

  • How to stay motivated and be inspired to take action

8. How to start your day so it’s super productive

Expert advice

  • Those who are successful are the ones that are able to win the battle over your own mind in terms of not thinking that you’re a failure, loser, or you didn’t succeed.
  • Business owners need to evolve as customers evolve as well.
  • Surround yourself with people who understand your journey. Being frank and honest on what you’re going through.
  • Whatever you do and whatever you anticipate double it.
  • You always need to be prepared. Dream about the things that you might want to do one day. Being an expert or being seen as an expert in fashion was one of the things that I longed for but you don’t really know when it’s going to happen but just being prepared meant that I was able to perform well in that first interview and that was when everything then snowballed into where I am now.

Listen to the interview here.



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