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From Homeless Teen to Millionaire By The Age of 27

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Our guest for The Success Assembly this week is a self-driven woman, international speaker and author who is now known for her courses and presentations that demystify social media and the web for those who are new to the online world. In this interview, Kylie shares her experience with us on how she went from being homeless and on the streets to building a million dollar business.

In this episode Kylie and I discussed:

1. The difference between those people who succeed and those who don’t

  • Taking massive action
  • Breaking up long term life goals into day to day actions

2. Key ingredients in Kylie’s road to success

  • How courage, belief, and long-term vision helped her to hit the million mark at the age of 27
  • What does Kylie’s vision board look like
  • What propels her to always move forward
  • The importance of legacy

3. What keeps her inspired and motivated to really grow and make that businesses success

  • You need to exploit your strengths and outsource your limitations
  • Putting an A team of people to run the operations

4. How Kylie transitioned from business owner to becoming a social media web guru

  • The psychology of the world is changing and technology is the vehicle

5. Key points she learned from studying in the USA that changed her business and life

  • Learnings from the heavy hitters in the US in the internet marketing space

6. On social media. What are some of the mistakes that Kylie see people making when it comes to their social media platforms

Enjoy the interview with Kylie hereHave an awesome week!





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