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Get In The Arena

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Sometimes we can get a little stuck in our business. Maybe we need to make an important decision or maybe we’re facing a hurdle and we’re unsure how to move through it. Actually, whom am I kidding… as a business owner we are continually faced with these challenges on a daily basis.

The important point to discuss…what’s your next step when you’re in this situation? Do you turn to your friends, family or even your partner for advice? Maybe you find that the people around you always like to give you their opinion on how you should run your business. There’s no shortage of people willing to share their opinion who don’t have any skin in the game, right? Now you find that you are left feeling unsure about your own instincts or even worse, you start following suggestions from someone who is watching the battle but has never been in the arena.

Think about a football match. There are the players and then there are the viewers in the grandstands. I use to go to the football when I was younger with my family and I would often hear people leaving the match telling the people they were with how “so and so should have done this” and “that so and so should of done that.” Unless you’re a football player who has been on the field and played the game you really don’t understand how difficult the game is. No matter how much research you’ve done or games you’ve watched there’s nothing like being in the arena, doing the work to get results, training, fine tuning your processes and being guided by your coach (who is experienced and has been in the arena before).

Next time you’re seeking advice on a particular situation, look at whom you’re asking. Have they been in the arena or are they an audience member? Knowing that, you might decide to accept or reject someone’s advice right then and there. It’s all about making the right choices…and that includes WHO you will be taking advice from!


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