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Great Marketers Are Great Lovers

Great marketers are emotional creatures. My mentors, idols, and all the other marketing contemporaries I’ve encountered all seem to have one trait in common, and that’s their ability to L-O-V-E.

They embody all the qualities of someone who understands how to start and build relationships with their customer base. These qualities are undoubtedly the same ingredients that produce L-O-V-E in all types of human relationships.

Great Marketers are…

Listeners – Any successful relationship requires strong listening skills. The best marketers don’t just “assume” they know what their market wants, they ask. In the dating world, attraction first requires cognisance to explicit desires and vigilance to those that are implied. Like relationships, your significant other could tell you that they want chocolate or just ignore your text messages until they get it.

Similarly, there are several ways to both explicitly ask them what they might be looking for or monitor what it is they may need.

• Send out a survey to past customers asking for feedback.

• Contact past customers and ask for their opinions. They’ll appreciate it.

• Monitor conversations about your brand by doing a Twitter Search.

• Track behavioral changes of your customers (# Logins, Homepage Visits etc.)

Open – Keeping on with the theme here, all relationships require full openness and transparency. Amidst today’s ever-growing privacy concerns, trust is more important now than it ever has been. What once was an afterthought can now be your company’s competitive advantage. It really matters to make full disclosure a priority in all your marketing communications.

• When your company makes a mistake (everyone does at some point), go straight to social media and accept responsibility

• Make sure payment pages/receipts are clear with no “hidden charges” or confusing language

• Be super active on social media. Reply to all Tweets and Facebook comments in a professional matter (Yes, even the negative ones!)

Venturous –


See that? Just the word “Excitement” accompanied with an exclamation mark can sometimes be enough to spice things up.

Even in the best relationships, things can get boring. Be venturous. Take risks! Fail and fail fast because you may not know what it is your customers want. Get that feedback. Whether it’s a new product offering you’re mulling over or a controversial promotional strategy, just go for it! You’ll know pretty fast if it was a bad decision and can cut your losses. I’m not saying just do anything, but take calculated risks. As long as you’re open about the mistakes resulting you’re your venturous endeavors, you should be fine.

Those willing to fail and fail fast are the most adaptable to today’s lightning fast business environment. Those who are willing to fail and fail fast generate more market feedback and customer information in a month than their stagnant competitors generate in a year.

Empathetic –

Perhaps the most important quality of them all is “empathy”. The ability to not only put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but to actually feel what they feel is a lifelong skill applicable to all types of human relationships.

For every email you send out to customers, think about how they might perceive the subject header. Would a Small Business Owner be happy to see “Save 50% on Taxes This Year” magically appear in their inbox? (Hint: I think so!)

For every social media post you make, think about how current and potential customers might feel about it. You might think it’s a great idea to offer a 30% discount to “New Customers” via Facebook, but there’s a good possibility your current, loyal customers would be upset that they didn’t receive the same discount.

Lose yourself and don’t be afraid to feel what others feel, both the positive and negative. Now, get out there and show your customers some LOVE!

Your Friend,


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