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Has It Worked Out?

There were fireworks, dancing and intense goal planning recently when the calendar switched to 2014. So…how is 2014 shaping up for you so far? Is it all that you’ve hoped for and more? Has your business seen growth?

As we all know, the vast majority of people think that a new year means their life is going to change. I’m guessing someone you know proclaimed “2014 is my year!” This is actually a great thing to proclaim! If you know me or follow me on Facebook then you know I’m all about putting out to the universe the things you want. The problem is, every action or inaction gives you a specific outcome. So, if you’re taking the same actions that you did throughout 2013…will any of your outcomes change?

As an example, if you’re focused on doubling the size of your list (this should be ALL of you, by the way) during 2014 but the strategies you used in 2013 only resulted in a 20% increase…how will those same strategies magically double your list this time around?

If you’re disappointed with your business results so far in 2014 (granted it’s a young year still) then it’s time to make some changes. It’s time to gain absolute clarity on what you want to achieve.

Do MORE of what’s worked!
When you evaluate how your business performed in 2013 you will notice things that you did which delivered great results. Focus on what those things were. Pay attention to the things that gave you a great result and do it again. Look at what gave you a “good” result that, with a little tweaking, could give you “great” results. You want to be repeating those actions that moved things forward and avoiding everything that gave you a negative result.

No brainer!
We all know that phrase…”Well, that choice is a no brainer.” The funny thing is, too many business owners will go YEARS spending money and wasting time on efforts that don’t produce. Swallow your pride and take a look at the decisions you’ve made and ask yourself if repeating those decisions are the right thing to do. You’ll quickly find yourself using that phrase to determine what will work and what won’t.

From this moment on, commit to avoid the old actions that produced nothing. Avoid repeating the costly mistakes that led to little or no income for your business. Focus on those actions that will produce the results necessary to meet your 2014 goals. Of course, we’re not fortune tellers and sometimes we have to make decisions blindly or by the seat of our pants. That’s not the point…the point is that you should be learning from past decisions so you repeat the good ones and avoid the bad ones. You will still need to take those “calculated risks” going forward, but be sure you make these decisions with a clear result in mind.

If you feel like you’re treading water so far this year and things are not accelerating at the rate you would like then I think it’s time that we have a conversation before 2014 gets away from you! I work with business owners everyday who come to me with a truckload of concerns in tow. Over the course of the 90-day program that they take part in, they’re given the formulas to attract, convert and retain clients.

If you know the time is right to get in on this, then I invite you to reach out to me today at Let’s set up a time to chat and I will show you how my programs can and WILL help you achieve your 2014 goals!


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