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How big is your package?

Size does matter. Hands down I can say that packaging up my expertise was one of the most cleverist (I know that’s not a word) things I’ve done in my business.

Part of my mix of clients are business owners who run professional services based businesses. Their businesses rely on the owner using what they know (experience and knowledge) to assist their clients. Coaches, consultants, mentors, trainers…each day these experts in their particular field are delivering in multiple ways to get their message out there and get paid well for it.

The challenge for any business owner running a business like this include:

  • Coming up with content (how do I transfer what I know into programs, trainings, mentoring session)
  • Getting clients (gaining clarity on your ideal clients then taking them through your sales funnel)
  • Teaching the content (delivering what you sold the client whether it be a workshop, mentoring, coaching program, etc.)

The process of setting up this type of business successfully takes work and time but if done correctly it becomes a highly profitable, lean machine that can have you working with awesome people everyday from anywhere in the world! The first step is scooping out of your head what you know (your expertise) and transforming it into awesome products or services that will sell.

There are 3 key benefits to packaging up what you know and creating unique programs:

1. Tailored – You’ll be creating awesome stuff for your ideal clients so it will be specifically tailored to address their problems and you’ll provide them with solutions.

2. Stand Out – Being a coach, consultant or mentor is not a new thing. There are thousands of people helping others all throughout the world so it’s crucial you have a point of difference. By creating your own content to teach and present there’s no one else in the world that can offer what you do! Now that’s cool.

3. Boost Your Profile – You want to become the Authority in your industry for what you do. By having unique content you can quickly accelerate this profile and create a name for yourself in no time.

Whether you’re thinking of starting you own business as an authority or maybe you already have a business but need the edge… it’s time to focus your energy on building your packages and filling them with juicy content packed with value.

I’d love to help you with this process which I cover in my private mentoring program Undiscovered 2 Authority. If you’re keen to know more simply click here for the program overview.

To speak with Clint about how he help you go to the next level and beyond in your business click here.

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