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Tina Tower

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Are you ready to bring it home during these last couple of weeks that are left for 2014? December is one of those months that you chill out and take it easy or you put the foot on the accelerator, boost your sales and put together your mega action plan for achievement in 2015.

One person I connected with recently who is a massive action taker is the Founder of Begin Bright, Tina Tower. This year Tina won Telstra’s Young Business Women’s Award and just the other week we had the opportunity to chat about her business successes. We also discussed the challenging times where it was tough and she was living off a few hundred dollars a week supporting a family.

On The Success Assembly Podcast this week Tina shares how she juggles it all along with her tips for building a successful business, how she franchised her tutoring company and what keeps her inspired and motivated to go to the next level daily.

Tina and I talked about:

1. What made her decide to jump into opening a tutoring centre

  • What are the factors that pushed her to try something different
  • What were the reasons she opened Begin Bright

2. How much impact did her degree in business and experience in teaching have on her business and life success

3. Big lessons learned in having that first business

  • What makes for a great business
  • Having advisory board of franchising experts

4. What made her decide to do franchising and how did she get started

  • How long did it take to bring on her first franchisee
  • What are the key ingredients to successfully franchise your business

5. How to ensure that your marketing strategies are cutting edge

6. Her thoughts on PR and social media

  • When to use Facebook and Twitter

7. What keeps Tina going when she’s at a low point or facing obstacles in business and life

  • How do you keep your head above water
  • Being balance although life is rarely ever perfectly balanced

8. How to become productive on a daily basis and how to be focused and keep away the distractions

9. Views on competition. How to treat competitors that already exist

  • Always making sure that we’re always ahead of the competition and innovating

10. On retention rates. What does Tina do around keeping those customers coming back for more

11. On referral program. Why do some referral programs work while others don’t

Expert advice

  • You’ve got to have that resilience and know how to emotionally ready yourself for the ride and continue without loss of momentum and enthusiasm.
  • In business you’re not really competing against anyone except what your version of success is. It’s about defining what you want and seeing how far you can push yourself.
  • Saying no will help your business. It will give you focus, especially nowadays that a lot of opportunities are just around the corner.
  • Know where your personal boundaries are. Let the people in your team grow on their own.
  • You have to be so clear on your vision and your reason for why you’re doing what you’re doing. You should know what you need to do and achieve in a particular day.

Listen to the interview here.




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