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How to build your small business

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Our guest today on The Success Assembly Podcast is a wonder woman. She’s a mum of 4 children plus she’s the founder of The Business Bakery, an online community helping small businesses make healthy incomes. She’s been on Kochie’s Business Builders where she is the finance expert and on paper she’s a Chartered Account and Economist and I’m thrilled to have her on the show today. My guest is Julia Bickerstaff.

In this episode, Julia and I discuss:

1. After over a decade working in corporate, what challenges she faced during the transition of starting her own business

2. How she started the Business Bakery and how she attracted members to the group

  • Building the community first, helping people and continually giving them what they want
  • Keeping the community tight and specific

3. How she figured out her target market – the problems that they’re facing and the solution she can provide

4. Marketing advice to those who are overwhelmed with marketing or don’t know where to start.

  • 4 doors a customer must walk through before they will buy your product or service

5. How to stay productive and focused on moving your business forward

  • The hundred day goals

6. Key reasons why so many business owners are not making money

  • Small business owners tend to undervalue themselves and undervalue what they sell
  • Most business owners spend more time in making their products and not marketing
  • Most business owners are busy in motion rather than in action

7. Tips for building a tribe through social media. Julia has 30,000 engaged followers on her The Business Bakery Facebook page

  • Finding where your tribe already are
  • The need to have a thriving page

Enjoy the interview with Julia hereHave an awesome week!




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