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I need to say this

I sat with a client of mine last week and something came up. Actually, it’s something that comes up quite regularly with the vast majority of my private mentoring clients. This little something is not so little… it’s actually a big reason they come to me in the first place but they’re afraid to admit it…

They WON’T sell. Gasp! Horror face! Shock! Yes, no selling. “Clint, I’m not selling. I didn’t go to university and work hard and build my expertise over the last 20 years to sell. They should be coming to me not the other way around…” This is one train of thought. The other is they just feel real yucky when they “sell” so they avoid it.

As Mary Poppins once said “A spoon full of sales, puts money in the bank” or something like that. It’s crucial that you’re comfortable making sales. Now I’m not sure what picture you paint in your head in regards to the process of making a sale but I’d love to share with you my thoughts.

For me, when a new client comes on board to work with me on a mentoring program I haven’t sold them into a program. I’ve had a conversation with them to see if I can help with their current challenges. I know my program and the results it produces so am 100% confident saying to a potential client I can help you get to the next level (without “selling” them).

I believe Marie Forleo says it best when she says that you’re essentially stealing from your potential clients if you don’t seek them out and offer them your products and/or services as what you have can transform their life and/or business. I love this and adopted this way of thinking a few years back and suggest you do too!

At the end of the day, if you don’t move through the fear of selling then your business won’t move forward.

I’ll be going deep into this subject during my one day workshop Client Attraction Formula LIVE in Sydney on Saturday 29 March. There are still some tickets available. Check out all the details HERE.

Remember…you have knowledge and experience that others don’t. There are people out there that need to hear from you and need your help. Don’t ever forget that. It’s your job to find them and present how you can help them and what they’ll achieve from working with you or buying your product. Go for it!


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