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It gets lonely in here

There’s no denying it and no way around it…running your own business can get lonely. The long days, the constant mindshare it takes up, the lack of personal time you get…the list goes on.

As we work harder to drive our business forward and grow we can get sucked into our own insula world and we forget to step outside of our bubble for a breath of fresh air. We make excuses for why we can’t see our friends, we’re too exhausted to date or spend quality time with our partner and we push everything to the side as we focus on building our empire.

Recently I was in this place. I had been in head-down, bum-up mode which certainly paid off. But, when I was really honest and truthful to myself I recognised that I had completely neglected the other areas of my life – mainly relationships – to achieve amazing business growth. It wasn’t until I took a significant step back did I realise this.

If you’re anything like me you live and breathe your business. Your clients are like family

and when they’re kicking goals you’re inspired to go out and reach more people with your service or product. You work harder and set larger goals without even thinking about it!

A big “uh-huh” moment for me recently was realising that even if you love your work you need to nurture all the other areas of your life. Get and give love, rest and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. I always say to my clients if you don’t work, nothing does.

Life is short. Yes, do the work you love with people you love in places you love and build your future! But you should never forget to give time and energy to others, and yourself, “outside” of work hours.

Here’s to having it all!


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