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LEAD-ing The Way – It’s boring but will get you leads, promise

I’m a pretty social type of guy.  Last week I was at an event and started talking to a guy who told me he was a blogger. Instantly I was interested to hear all about him and his business. It’s not often you meet a blogger in a real life social environment without their laptop.

As the night progressed he started to tell me more about his journey to becoming a fulltime blogger. Originally from the advertising world he started a small blog on a passion of his while still working full time. At the beginning it was nothing more than a way he could share his love for this industry until one day he had enough of advertising and decided to just work on the blog fulltime.

In 2012 reported that upwards of 81% of bloggers wont ever make even $100 from their blog while only 8% make enough to support their lifestyle and family. Knowing this I was interested to hear how this young man had managed to keep his blog (and himself) alive over the last few years.

Having now worked with many clients who operate online businesses with a large percent of them incorporating a blog I listened and it didn’t take long before I started to get extremely excited.

I nearly fell off my chair when he told me that he only makes money through sponsored posts and super low revenue from banner advertising. When I asked him about his database he mumbled words that bought tears to my eyes… I don’t have a database.

No database, no newsletter yet has hundreds of thousands of visits to his blog each month. The shock didn’t last too long, I had a rush of adrenaline as I saw all of these money making opportunities that laid in front of him. He was quite surprised by the advice I gave him so I thought I would share some of it for you today.

Here are my 4 ways to capture your visitors, engage with them and have them buying from you. BTW… this is not just for bloggers, this is for anyone with a website… ANYONE!

1. Grab your visitors details – there are a number of ways and places to capture the details of people who visit your website. These sign up boxes should stand out and be in prominent places that grab your visitor’s attention. Mailchimp is a great newsletter tool that will allow you to have 2,000 subscribers and send 15,000 emails per month for FREE.

2. Give them something for FREE – As more and more websites are offering the option to sign up for email newsletters, visitors are needing to be wooed to sign up. Depending on the industry you work in you might offer an eBook, video training program, audio program or something similar to offer them as a gift for handing over their email address.

 3. Send them a newsletter – Each week (don’t groan), send them a short email that provides them with some awesome value. It could be an articles, video or audio. Give them something that is useful. A newsletter keeps you top of mind and cements your position in your industry.

 4. Build trust – As your database grows and you keep giving them love, the trust rate of your audience will increase. Building a database then gives you the opportunity to let them know about your products and services. This opens the lines for you to sell them your offering.

It’s as simple as that ladies and gentlemen. If you’re not capturing your visitors details it’s time to start.

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