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Looking for new friends

No doubt about it…owning and operating your own business can sometimes turn into an isolated, lonely endeavor. You are working very hard to make your business a success! You may find that you’ve lost that work/life balance because you’ve convinced yourself that “life” IS “work”. You eventually find yourself working on your business 24/7 and avoiding friends because you feel like they just don’t “get” you anymore.

Are you feeling like this? I’m betting at some point during your career…possibly while you’re reading this…you’re deep in the middle of this issue. I know that I certainly have. While you can’t change the people around you, you certainly can have fulfilling relationships with people who might not get you or have absolutely minimal interest in your business.

Although we would love to be surrounded by people who will celebrate every victory of yours…that simply isn’t going to happen. There will be people in your life that will support you, that will show interest and enthusiasm in your business, and will have your back all the time…and there will be others that won’t. Does that mean they don’t care or that you need to push them out of your life? It simply means that you must accept them for who they are and enjoy them for what they have to offer. You need to have that balance…friends to speak to about business and friends that will help you turn off the switch and get away from business.

One of my friends, Christine Hassler, ran a workshop in Sydney earlier this year. She said something that really stood out to me which relates to my newsletter this week. She said “Don’t go to Chinese and expect to be able to order Nachos.” That’s a very creative way to say that you can’t expect all people to give you all things. Focus and appreciate each of your friends for whom they are and continually remind yourself why you love having them in your life.

If you feel a lack of support in relation to the business aspect of your life there are many networking groups you can join to link up with liked minded individuals. Another very helpful option would be to find a mentor to work with who will keep you inspired, on track, and accountable! Always remember…there is a balance to everything you do…personal and business…and you must work to maintain that balance. If you find that you’re searching for new friends, make sure you’re not neglecting your old friends for the wrong reasons!

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