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Money makes the world go round

anthonybellbioimageYou would have heard the saying that money makes the world go round, well today our guest on The Success Assembly helps clients keep money in their pockets. Anthony Bell is an entrepreneur who started Bell Partners – his own accounting firm – 16 years ago that has grown 40% year on year for over a decade.

In this episode Anthony and I discuss:

1. The key traits one must possess in order to stand out from competition

2. How to ensure that your team operate with your business philosophy

3. Important tools that measure your client’s growth

4. Top 3 tips for increasing productivity as a business owner and for your staff

5. Usual mistakes individuals and business owners make when it comes to money management when their objective is financial freedom

6. Importance of innovation to promote business growth

7. How do you relay the innovative ideas to your team

Anthony shares his advice on how to thrive in business through building a team of the right people, providing out of this world customer experiences while continually focusing on innovation.

Listen to the interview here. Enjoy!


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