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Multiply Your Time – Procrastinate on Purpose and Transform Your Life


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My latest episode on The Success Assembly Podcast is about having a significant life and making the most from each day. I am thrilled to share this topic with the New York Times Best Selling Author Rory Vaden. He is the author of the book Take The Stairs, which from reading has changed the way I operate on a daily basis in my professional and personal life.

Today he will be sharing stack of practical strategies from his upcoming new book Procrastinate on Purpose – 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time. In this episode, Rory and I discuss:

1. The process or action steps that we can do today so that we can declog our lives and be part of those things that matter most to us.

2. How ‘ultra-performers’ manage their time and become more efficient and productive?

3. The importance of understanding significant decisions/calculations

4. His philosophy and personal tips on work automation

He’s all about taking the right type of consistent action daily to achieve success and how to implement strategies that move us away from procrastination while focusing on self-discipline.

Enjoy the interview here!


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