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My morning glory

At 5.30am each weekday I get greeted by a beautiful smiling face that says “Good morning, Clint”.

Sometimes it’s Bridie and sometimes it’s Mary but I know each morning I look forward to seeing their big bright smiles.

That’s right, these are the two vibrant and energetic receptionist staff that work at the Virgin Active Health Club I go to. Exercise is part of my morning routine and I know if I skip a day I don’t feel on top of my game.

I’m not sure if I’m weird but I really looking forward to their bubble voices each morning. It makes me feel happy and like I matter 🙂

How odd. Something so simple as a receptionist at a gym simply saying hello and using my name can really uplift me. This got me thinking…

I don’t know about you but more times than often during the day as I’m walking to the office or in an elevator people are completely oblivious to what’s going on outside of their phone. Rarely do I feel like people want to even smile at another person…

Since realising how much of an impact these two ladies had on me in the morning I wanted to start doing the same thing for people I came into contact with… At the the supermarket, convenience store event at the airport with the check in staff.

Sure anyone can read a name tag but I’ve never been in a line and heard someone else say to the shop keeper “Thanks Julie, have an awesome day”.

I started doing this. And over the last few weeks I’ve started building stronger relationships with people I see regularly in my apartment or office lifts. I even had a great conversations with complete randoms in queues at the bus stop. It starts with a smile and then a hello… Sure a few times people I think want to run and hide because maybe they think I want to marry them but overall it’s been a really fulfilling experience for me and I hope for them.

So what does all this mean? Quite simply I’ve been happier, felt more energetic and more connected than ever before.

REAL LIFE CONNECTION. Who knew that could be the key to giving you more fulfillment in your life.

My suggestion for you today. Put your phone in your pocket, smile at random people, use names for shopkeepers and tell them to have a great day and see how you feel.

Bringing power back to real connection I say!


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