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I’ve been speaking at a few events this month and one thing people can’t get enough of when I’m chatting to them afterwards are the tools I use in my business to keep me and my team productive, efficient and effective everyday.

As I have a lot of readers who run businesses, this week I wanted to share with you 5 tools that we use which I believe have saved us countless hours which leaves us more time to work on the fun stuff!


The Problem: Spending too much time doing manual marketing

The Solution: Ontraport (Send Pepper) (Free Trial)

How We Use it: The implementation and execution of my online marketing strategies have gone to a whole new level since I started using Ontraport in 2013. From sending out newsletters to creating automated email sequences and creating killer databases that can be tagged and sorted in amazing ways (yes, I’m a bit of a nerd) this program has really transformed my business.  We have created processes within the system to ensure everyone on our list is looked after.  I work with my clients to implement this system for their business to streamline their sales funnels and give them back time during their week to work on generating new business.


The Problem: Email back and forth within the team trying to get things done and checking where things are at.

The Solution: Asana (Free)

How We Use It: My clients get most excited by this tool. Asana is an excellent program that sits in the cloud and allows you to assign tasks to team members, check in to see where tasks are at, add separate projects and SO much more. My team and I use it to keep up to date on where things are at without having to waste time emailing each other back and forth. There is an app for Asana so you can use it on the go and the usability is extremely simple and intuitive. There’s a great $17 e-book that takes you through the whole Asana process which you can purchase here.


The Problem: Processes and systems all over the shop

The Solution: Google Sites (Free)

How We Use It: Here is another great product from Google. We use Google sites to house all of our business systems. You have the ability to create step by step processes through videos and text on how to do things. From email templates to “how-to guides”, you can create a mini website for your team instead of having a whole lot of word documents placed in different folders. We work with our clients to help draw out their systems and then get them on Google Sites! It’s awesome for when you bring in a new member to the team.


The Problem: Pieces of paper and notepads everywhere

The Solution: Notability (Free)

How We Use It: Now, some of you may love Evernote but we love Notability. I use it for client sessions to take notes. I can record, draw, create graphs, etc. and save it to client files. It’s a great app that works for you anywhere and anytime!


The Problem: Having to manually schedule meetings and going back and forth with emails.

The Solution: Setmore (Free)

How We Use It: This program allows your clients or prospects to book in for their own appointments with you. This works for service based businesses as well as scheduling your other business meetings. You can also add features like sending text messages and emails before the appointments to remind them! Again, this saves you a stack of time going back and forth making times work for both parties.

Bonus tools…

These might not save you a lot of time, but boy are they awesome!!

Bonus #1 – Signals

What does it do: This freaks a few people out a bit, but it’s a great tool if you’re sending out proposals or quotes to clients. It allows you to see when someone opens your email and also the links they click on within the email itself. It certainly helps with follow up and the best part is the old “oh, i didn’t receive your email” doesn’t fly anymore. It will only work for you though if you’re using Google Apps. If you haven’t made the switch to Google Apps, I suggest you do it right away!

Bonus #2 – Peek

What does it do: Now this is a bit of fun but also helpful. Peek is a cool tool where you simply provide any website url (try your own website first) to receive a 5 minute video from a user who will talk you through what they think of your site along with what they want to click on as well as their perspective on the sites usability. It’s fascinating! You can get three free tests a month which means you can do three tests of your own site to get other peoples’ perspectives or have your competitors sites done.

There’s a whole lot of cool tools for you to start playing with right there! Get them up and you’ll see how quickly your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness goes up!

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