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  • I warn you NOW, you will not be able to NOT fall in love with Clint Salter! I admire Clint as a Businessman with such qualities as his work ethics, his drive, his direct approach to business, his ability to make a situation better and also offer a solution in a time of urgency. I have met a lot of Businessmen BUT vey few who remain Gentlemen and that is why I truly not only admire but also respect Clint. His beautiful spirit and commitment to add value to the lives of others everyday is an inspiration and I am proud of the work he does as the Man he is. So my advice is absolutely work with Clint as you will not only enhance your business but also enhance your life.

    Peter Morrissey / International Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur
  • I am a successful coach and presenter but in the last year I have been launching a whole new section of my business. It is an unusual topic and I wasn't really sure how to market it and how to get bums on seats to my new seminars. I also found that most business coaches discouraged me from pursuing it because they didn't think it could work, however I was very passionate about my topic and felt that there was a market if I could just get in front of the right people. Then I started coaching with Clint Salter and I just loved it. Clint really listened carefully and supported my ideas. He then gave me practical marketing advice. We hit our targets and the business has really taken off. It has been really satisfying for me. Thanks so much Clint I really appreciate your support, encouragement and advice.

    Pip McKay / Founder / Evolve Now
  • Klay S. Williams, Author & Lifestyle Consultant

    Clint is the visionary that we all should strive to become. Coupled with creative passion and business acumen, his ability to make a difference in this world is backed up with all things that work towards true manifestation. Serving as a contributor with Clint’s Make The World Move website, I’ve had the opportunity to witness a spiritual leader who’s uncanny ability to unite cultures, with that of enlighten thought, is remarkable! I’m looking forward to continued collaboration, insight and leadership provided by Mr. Salter. He’s the 21st century leader who will guide us all into the new age.

    Klay S. Williams / Author & Lifestyle Consultant
  • Emma Frankin Bell, Managing Director, Jigsaw Group
    "Clint Salter is an excellent mentor, he really helped me work through my whole marketing plan from target market, objectives and strategy right through to how to implement. He listens thoroughly, really focuses on what you personally and professionally want to achieve in your business and aligns all the outcomes with your overall vision. I have regularly turned to Clint for advice on business, marketing, personal goals and communication skills. If you want to shift your business from where you are today to where you want it to be in the future, I would recommend Clint's services." Emma Frankin Bell / Managing Director / Fairy Footsteps
  • Chris Bounos, CEO, Ethicassure

    As a new business owner, guidance and accountability are paramount to the achievement of my goals. Clint has been a breath of fresh air and his encouragement and wisdom is greatly helping me to achieve my business goals whilst also reminding me to nurture my personal goals. Clint is very inspirational and a trusted resource for the development of my business, and I cannot thank him enough for all his efforts and advice.

    Chris Bounos / CEO / Ethicassure
  • Ryan Fitzgerald

    I worked with Clint Salter for 5 Years from 2006 - 2011. I found him to be personable, engaging and professional in ensuring that my career has always moved forward. I have consulted him on opportunities that have arose and feel the best decision has been made to the betterment of my career. I never saw Clint as an advisor, I saw him as a friend and I'm more than happy to endorse him to anyone who is thinking of using his expertise.

    Ryan Fitzgerald (Fitzy) / Breakfast Announcer & Media Personality / NOVA
  • Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Entrepreneur & Television Presenter on Good Chef, Bad Chef

    Clint was instrumental in helping my career thrive when he worked as my Agent at Harry M Miller Group. He is incredibly organised, passionate and above all, he really cares about his clients. It has been a great journey working with Clint and I love watching his progress.

    Zoe Bingley-Pullin / Entrepreneur & Television Presenter on Good Chef / Bad Chef
  • Clint is a firecracker of positive energy. He's smart, warm, stylish and cute to boot! An expert in his field and wise beyond his years, he comes highly recommended. Elly Klein / Author
  • John Pappalardo, IT Specialist

    I have known Clint for a couple of years now and continue to be impressed. He is a true professional. Dedicated, efficient, authentic and engaged. I have no hesitation in recommending his services as I know he always goes above and beyond what is expected and continually looks for new ways to deliver for his clients. Clint's achievements to date stand as a testament to the calibre of his talents and give you an insight into what he is capable of. And this is just the beginning. His service is always personal and you can be assured that whatever your goals, Clint will be a true asset in helping you achieve them.

    John Pappalardo / IT Specialist
  • Melanie Payne, Health Coach

    I went to Clint for some business coaching, I was having some challenges and I felt I needed some clarity with the direction of my own Health Coaching business. Clint has been supporting me to develop some structures and marketing on how to move forwards step by step. I had an instant rapport with Clint because he has such an open heart, is patient and understanding. I highly recommend anyone who needs clarity with their business to take the step and engage with Clint.

    Melanie Payne / Health Coach
  • Christina Guidotti - Christina Guidotti International

    Clint Salter is one focussed and dedicated person. Whether he is working with an individual, a business or within an organisation he diligently uses his vast array of expertise to take individuals and teams from just functioning to thriving - increasing productivity and profits. I have worked closely with Clint and he is a rare individual and an asset to those fortunate enough to work with him.

    Christina Guidotti / Christina Guidotti International
  • Tia Jordan, Business Owner, Audition Guru

    Clint’s an incredibly astute entrepreneur and I have asked him for occasional business advice because I believe if you want to know how to do something, ask someone who is already doing it well. He has integrity, he is an innovator, and he is a maven or someone who others look to for guidance. Clint is a man of his word, and he seems to have the Midas touch because he has not only created incredibly successful businesses quickly, but has been head hunted by some of the top companies in his field. To top it off, he's actually a nice guy. No malice. So if you're coming to him to whinge, forget it! He's a positive force. If you do business with him, you'll be happy.

    Tia Jordan / Business Owner / Audition Guru
  • Kurt Sneddon

    Clint is one of the smartest, freshest, most talented creative and strategic thinkers I know. I would pay for advice from Clint any day of the week.

    Kurt Sneddon, Founder, Blue Print Studios
  • Elka Whalan, Dual Olympian & Media Personality

    Clint Salter was forever engaging, helpful and pleasant all whilst keeping business professional. In the time he spent at HMMG he understood my needs and desires within the media and happily facilitated wherever he could. I could trust and rely on him. I know that he is bound for much bigger work and with an entrepreneurial brain like his, he is sure to succeed.

    Elka Whalan, Dual Olympian & Media Personality
  • Kirsty Spraggon, Founder, Kirsty TV

    I admire Clint's determination and tenacity. His professionalism and branding is impressive. He makes things happen and makes the world move!

    Kirsty Spraggon, Founder, Kirsty TV
  • Christine Hassler, International Speaker and Author of 2 Bestselling Books

    Clint is a rockstar! Through working with him on my very first event in Australia I was able to see his incredible gift of being able to get things done and make stuff happen with a smile on his face. He was able to secure an awesome venue, generate great PR, and bring people to the event. My workshop would not have been the success it was without him!

    Christine Hassler/ International Speaker and Author of 2 Bestselling Books
  • Sam Cawthorn

    He’s dynamic, insightful, and his infectious energy lights up the room. Clint Salter is certainly one to watch.

    Sam Cawthorn / Author of Bounce Forward / International Speaker & Philanthropist
  • Christine Denny, CEO, Tapatak Oz

    Certainly there are many "Mentors" around today - but there are not many people who exude a total commitment to and passion for business and life like Clint Salter does. Just being in his presence motivates you to do more, see more and become more. Couple this with is unwavering positivity in all he does, his knowledge of "how to get things done", his business acumen and creativity and you simply could not find a better person to lead you on your quest for a happier, more contented and fulfilled existence. Clint has been instrumental in mentoring me both personally and professionally over the past 4 - 5 years and I can honestly say that his advice is always timely, measured, inspiring and illuminating! Mentoring others is truly a calling for Clint, and I would recommend him 100%. Trust me - the moment you meet him you will see why and be inspired to take on things in your life you never thought possible.

    Christine Denny / CEO / Tapatak Oz
  • Dr. Darlene Mininni, Author & Coach

    Clint is a bright and talented entrepreneur with a grand vision to show people how to live extraordinary lives, and he's making it happen. He’s someone to watch.

    Dr. Darlene Mininni / Author & Coach
  • Nicholas Dogulin, Founder, Dougulin Digital
    I consider Clint to be a very genuine, loyal, driven and focused individual who is always willing to listen to what you have to say and will give you a straight answer with a smile. I do indeed see BIG things for Clint as he has a go getter attitude - if he wants to achieve anything, big or small, there is nothing in his way which could stop him! This compliments his open personality and all round he is a fantastic person to which I consider it a privilege to know him personally. Nicholas Dogulin / Founder / Dogulin Digital
  • Renee Dickson, Accounts Manager

    Clint is warm, passionate and giving in every aspect of his life and everything he applies himself to, whether it be his clients, personal relationships or career. His outlook on life is infectious and he has the ability to positively transform everybody in his presence. I feel very privileged to call Clint one of my friends and have him as a permanent fixture in my life.

    Renee Dickson / Accounts Manager
  • I don't know anyone else out there with Clint's abundant energy, super strategic brain and all round awesomeness. He is the perfect combination of authenticity and reality and doesn’t tell you ‘what’ he tells you ‘how.' I admire his professionalism and simply feel inspired to take action when he's around. He has a very unique ability to combine learning with entertainment and fun to really keep your interest and make it easy to understand exactly what you should do next.

    Ljubenka Milunovic / International Model & Television Presenter

  • Clint has a refreshing enthusiasm in his mentoring style, providing valuable information and advice in a positive manner. He has an ability to pinpoint key areas of our operations needing attention with fresh ideas and solutions. His advice also reflects the latest online marketing and social media opportunities to advance our brand recognition in an ever-evolving landscape.

    Chris Duncan / Managing Director / DanceLife

  • I have networked with Clint on a number of occasions and instantly felt a connection with him. He comes across as genuine and friendly and clearly builds a deep rapport instantly with people he connects with. In starting to have deeper discussions with Clint I get a sense that he really cares about the people he coaches and mentors and am excited about how much he has to offer small businesses.

    Kristy Smith/ Founder & Managing Director / Virtual Elves

  • Clint worked with me across talent and production management for film and TV. He has a thorough and trusted understanding of what works and what doesn't in the wild world of entertainment. I've seen the dedication and importance he places on his clients and I look forward to working with him again soon.

    Wes Dening / Television & Media Personality

  • I’ve known Clint for a while now and have to admit he remains on my radar for his ability to inspire and garner the best out of people, including himself. Clint is very passionate and purposeful about what he does. Having worked with him in the past, I have been impressed with his ability to provide responses and action at quick notice and to have a sharp eye for detail. A key asset to succeeding is respect for others, and I commend Clint’s skill receiving guidance and encouragement from his own mentors and recognising that, with an open mind, there is always something to be learned. Clint is a shining example of how we should live our lives in that he follows his dreams and demonstrates that, if you take the leap, things are actually greener on the other side.

    Jason Naumovski / Director / Words That Work
  • I love working with people who make it their mission to serve the greater good, and do so from a place of humility and genuine kindness. Clint is definitely one of those people. He's also dedicated, professional and super-organised. It's an absolute pleasure to recommend Clint and his work. Five stars! Shannon Dunn / Eco Beauty Editor /
  • "I've worked with Clint and have found him to be extremely passionate, caring and motivated to source and create the best possibilities for the people he works with. He encourages them to make decisions and take action so that they can thrive in their life and business." Kelley Abbey / World Renowned Performer / Director and Choreographer
  • I would recommend Clint to anyone wanting great value in the sponsorship category. He did a great job on a couple of my deals.

    Guy Leech / Founder / Guy Leech Fitness

  • Clint truly is a beautiful soul, his passion for wanting to help others shines through everything he does.

    Tara Taylor / Internationally renowned intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher and Hay House author

  • Clint was able to help me define my goals quite clearly in the session we had together. His direct and positive manner was useful in helping me determine the outcomes I wanted during an uncertain period in my business.

    Patty Kikos / Yoga Studio Owner

  • I’ve always been struck by Clint's talent, creativity, ambition and humour. As an adult, I watched him start his own successful businesses and carve a name for himself as a budding young entrepreneur. I’ve noticed that when Clint has an idea or a vision, he follows it through to the end. It’s no stretch for me to say that I’ve always admired his focus, motivation and drive – it’s these qualities that make me think of Clint as soon as I hear the word “innovator” or “forward-thinker”. And as a friend, he’s kind, supportive – and always a lot of fun! Any time I’ve ever needed some advice or a shoulder to lean on, I’ve always walked away from a chat with Clint feeling better than I did before.

    Nikita Lee / Writer

  • When ever I have worked with Clint Salter his work ethic is exceptional. He is efficient respectful and above all his genuine approach oozes integrity! Sarah Boulter / Business Owner & International Choreographer
  • Clint Salter has a passion that is evident in everything he creates. He is an innovative thought leader and an exceptional entrepreneur who knows how to put ideas, people, distribution and content together to MAKE the WORLD MOVE forward!

    Nina Boski, Founder / LifeBites Media

  • I'm impressed with Clint's professionalism, friendly and helpful nature and most of all his enthusiasm and vision for improving the lives of people around the world. I look forward to being involved in any future projects he works on.

    Jessica Stead / Writer

  • I have worked with Clint on several occasions and his positivity, organisation & work ethic is wonderful. The event we were involved in together went off without a hitch and was a huge success.

    Kate Wormald / Professional Choreographer & Performer

  • Clint has a rare and genuine talent for seeing excellence in people, assisting them in achieving their desired outcomes and enhancing brand promotion.

    Kate Histon / Performance Coach

  • Clint is one those people, that after you meet him, you feel more energised than you did before.

    Cris Popp / Author & Speaker

  • Clint is full of energy, very creative and supportive. He has a genuine interest in listening to your ideas and suggestions and can positively delivery very constructive advice. He is driven to succeed and wants to his friends and colleagues to be successful and happy also. I value Clint’s input and advice professionally and personally especially when it comes with a touch of his cheeky humour.

    Therasa Jazowy / Senior Celebrity Agent / HMMG

  • I first met Clint Salter, when approached me and asked me to be a contributor to his latest venture Make the World Move. What impressed me apart from his obvious ability to network, research and seek appropriate resources was his incredible energy with inspiring ideas and vision. This coupled with a disarming candour prompted me to say yes on the spot. Clearly Clint would be an asset as a coach and business mentor. His knowledge network, keen and varied talents and ability will be invaluable to those he works with. Philipa Thornton / Couple and Individual Psychologist / Marriage Works
  • Clint is on the ball, professional and has a can-do attitude. In my dealings with him, he has been a fantastic communicator, is very efficient and possesses great initiative.

    Rebecca Lau / Founder / Gosh Celebrity Fashion
  • I have known Clint since 2006 as a manager, fellow-entrepreneur and friend. Everything Clint does is genuine, authentic, and beyond professional expectation - all with a proverbial spring in his step - and he has helped guide me through important decisions in my work, helping to craft success in my career. Through his many adventures he has developed one rare gift, learnt through varied and hard work - experience.

    Michael Falzon / Performer & Entrepreneur
  • Clint has made an enormous difference to my business - he’s inspiring, authentic and practical, and he’s also fun to be around.  I regard him as a friend and highly recommend him.

    Ami Cook / Principle Coach / Coaching Human Potential
  • The main challenge I was facing before I started working with Clint was lack of strategy for my business. As a result of working with Clint, I got a much clearer idea about what things to work on that have a positive impact on my revenue. The best part of the program was the interactive sessions where I came up with specific issues and we tackled them in the sessions. I highly recommend anyone to Clint who lacks of strategy in his business and wants to take it to the next level.

    Daniel Jordi / Entrepreneur, Speaker & Career Revolution Advisor
  • Sessions with Clint helped be sift through all my ideas, concerns and thoughts I had about my business.  Clint was a great sounding board and helped me sort through what I wanted to do and then showed me how to do it. Having someone to listen to my concerns that could help me work out what to do and then give me awesome ideas on how to do it.  Having Clint there to call during the program really helped me act on things as I felt I had support and someone to help me if I got stuck.

    Cindy Russell / Mentor and Life Coach
  • As a highly successful  practitioner in my area of work with a breadth of skills , I sought out Clint’s guidance as to how to facilitate my expertise in a more focused  & financially viable fashion.  After leaving a position I had created & worked in for many years I found being totally self- employed again a challenge. I had always maintained my own career outside the position I created, but needed to relearn how to broach my various areas of work to get maximum benefit . Clint helped me identify these areas & gave me tools to create some order & organisation to generate more work and capitalise on my skills. He also encouraged me to become more adept at using technology. He is a joy to work with, he listens and is always present in our meetings, has practical suggestions to help solve problems and follows up if he hasn’t heard from me. I feel very much that he has become an integral part of my exponential business learning curve and am grateful for all his time, knowledge, effort & good will. I would strongly recommend any one from any business stream who feels in need of support, whether a fledgling or more established business looking for ways to grow, to seek out Clint’s business acumen , his guidance , positivity & always fresh approach.

    Avigail Herman Talent Coach and Performer
  • I worked with Clint early in 2014 on some particularly challenging business model problems.  He helped me clarify precisely what I needed to do to refine my service model, and he helped me figure out how to get it to market in the quickest possible time.  It worked.  Six months later, we have a lot more business in the pipeline consistently and our service mix is now optimised.  Clint made the journey enjoyable and he spiked my curiosity about some of his proven methods which I used, and they worked. Thanks Clint!

    Brad Monaghan / Director and Principal Consultant / Revenue Builder
  • Clint was a breath of fresh air to deal with. He actually puts his past achievements and learnings into practice with his clients by providing tangible solutions to issues such as; database capture and nurture tools, social media plans, income and expenditure advice, outsourcing leads and contacts and time management tips and tricks. Clint is extremely personable, likeable and approachable. He is available if and when you need him throughout the mentoring phase. I highly recommend Clint if your are seeking someone who has been in the trenches, who believes in working smarter rather than just harder and who will hold you accountable to your own objectives. If you are a start up business or a business with bigger picture plans, Clint is the keel you need to fit to your ship.

    Adam Drummond / Creative Director /
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