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Seduced by security

Before I took the leap into running my own business practice, I was an employee. While I’ve never been amazing at working for other people I’ve been fortunate enough to work for some amazing companies who provided me a platform to grow, learn and experience. However, that’s not what today’s blog is about.

Today’s blog is all about security and how security seduces us into staying in the same place LONG after we’ve identified that we’re not happy in our current situation.

But we stay anyway…don’t we?! We stay in the relationship or we stay in the job because we feel secure.  There’s little risk, there’s consistency, there’s comfort.

Now, don’t mistake what I’m saying as a free pass to give up when the going gets a little tough!  Don’t think this is an open door to walk into your boss’ office or wake up next to your lover tomorrow and say “I’m done. I’m not happy, I’ve been seduced by security and I’m outta here”!

The point I want to make is that you MUST be aware of where you’re at in your personal and professional life. Do you find it difficult to remember the last time you were truly happy?

I recently met a woman who until last year had been working in an organisation for almost 20 years. She was vivacious, intelligent and the energy that surrounded her was infectious. During the evening she told me about her transition from her place of security to her leaving the job she knew behind and starting her own business. With 3 children and a husband who wasn’t working at the time her business needed to start generating income fast.  Unfortunately it didn’t and during this time of uncertainty her old boss would call her every fortnight to say “Stop being silly. Just come back to your old job.”  She continually declined and one day the phones calls stopped. Two years have now passed and her business is highly profitable! She explained to me that while she went through some really rough times in the early stages that she’s now living on purpose and has never felt this fulfilled.

Don’t allow security to seduce you into thinking that what you have today is all you deserve out of life. Creating change starts with a decision…sometimes a very tough set of decisions…followed by action and always ends with an outcome.  If you delay your life decisions because things are currently comfy and warm, ask yourself if “comfy and warm” is enough for you.  I’m guessing it isn’t…so it’s time to break free from the seduction of security and make your move!

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