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Should I or How Do I?

I’ve just finished reading Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden. If you haven’t read the book I suggest you add it to your reading list immediately. It’s spot on when it comes to leading a fulfilling life and it will certainly change the way you think about certain things in your life as well.

In Chapter 2, Rory talks about Commitment and how commitment is the very thing that separates the average people from the outstanding people in the world. As a serial entrepreneur (AKA – someone who has a new idea every second) this principle resonated with me through and through.

For the three businesses that I have created and sold there have been many that have either not gotten off the ground or failed miserably. You see, just before I stared my mentoring and speaking business I was spending a lot of time and effort searching for the next best thing. Sure, I was a hard worker but I was always on the lookout for that shiny object that would make a big difference to world while making me big money fast.

In Take The Stairs Rory talks about “Should I?” vs “How Do I?” I loved this discussion. How many times have you been in a situation, whether it be in your business or relationship, where you have asked yourself and the people around you “Should I?” Should I stop running this business and try something else? Should I leave him and be single for a while? Should I quit my job and try somewhere else? As Tony Robbins says we “Should” all over ourselves.

Simply by changing our thinking we can ask “How do I?” instead of “Should I.” How do I keep this business running and profitable? How can I make this relationship work? How can I continue to grow and learn in this role?

The inevitable question that you’re probably already asking yourself is “When do you really know when it’s time to move on?” This is a very common question, one I have been asked by many business owners over the years. It’s also a question I’ve asked myself many times, too! Although Rory answers a question with a question…it’s a perfect response. Ask yourself “Have you maximised your potential in the current situation?” What he is saying is that if you’re at the very top of your career or business and you cannot go any further then the time is probably right to make that change. If you haven’t reached that point yet then work hard until you do because there are still things to be accomplished.

Change your ‘Should’ into ‘How’ today!


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