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Show me the money

I must admit, I’ve not always been good with numbers. To be honest, when it came to my first business the numbers were never really a focus for me. Granted I was only 16 at the time and as long as I had enough cash to buy some cool gadgets, I thought I was doing pretty well!

Over the last few years the numbers have become the distinguishing fact between me running a business and making “decent” money to running a business that’s making “awesome” money.

Now, I’m very much in love with knowing my numbers. Does this mean I’m money hungry? Not at all! It simply means that I’m waking up each morning and living my life’s purpose while earning a great income. At any given moment I can tell you my gross and net profits for the month, new clients that have been added, leads generated through my engagement and marketing strategies and pretty much anything else under the sun.

Some new clients come to me and say “Oh, well…my bookkeeper does all the numbers so I don’t really need to pay attention to that.” Really? You don’t need to pay attention to that??? Oh…how wrong you are!

Unfortunately, most people think to pay attention to the numbers you need to be a math genius. Of course, this isn’t true! In fact, I dropped out of my math class in year 11 and joined the drama class instead. This is not “math class.” This is about knowing the numbers of your business and making it sexy and exciting so you can learn what drives your company. You need to understand what it’s going to take to hit your targets.

Here are my 3 tips to making those plain old numbers look sexier than they’ve ever looked:

1 – Get into a routine

Make a habit of looking at certain numbers that are important to you on a regular basis. Sales for the week, bank balances, new clients…whatever is most appealing to you right now. Start there, and eventually you will add more and more items to that list. But keep things regular – review it daily, weekly, fortnightly, etc.

2 – Make it visual

Sometimes staring at numbers on a page can lead to “number blindness.” All of the figures start to run together and eventually nothing makes sense. So – try to make things more visually appealing. Maybe you’re a charts and graphs kind of person. Maybe you prefer pie charts? Whatever you prefer, get the numbers in front of you in a way that’s understandable for you.

3 – Know where you’re at

Keeping yourself “in the know” about your own business is extremely important. If you’re not paying attention to where you are today, how are you going to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself for tomorrow? Understand where you are so nothing winds up being a surprise later.

That’s it, my friends. If this high school math student dropout can master and love the numbers, then you can too! Of course, I cover the numbers inside and out in my three private mentoring programs but my friend Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef, teaches people all about the money!

She’s currently giving away a FREE 30-day program which I think you’ll LOVE! Simply sign up for that free program here.

As always, if you know someone who could benefit from this newsletter, please feel free to send it on! The numbers really do matter and understanding them will help you take your business to the next level!

Have an awesome week!


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