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The Truth About Sales


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When you think about sales do you think about the way in which you can transform someone’s life with your products and services? Our guest today on The Success Assembly is Gulliver Giles of the Strategic Anarchy, a company that helps entrepreneurs dominate their industries using their proven sales and marketing techniques.

On this episode Gulliver and I discuss significant aspect of sales, specifically:

1. His philosophy on sales

  • Misconception of people with sales
  • Difference between manipulation and persuasion
  • The two-bladed sword of sales
  • Importance of team communication
  • Handling objections when it comes to making sales
  • Understanding the client’s problem
  • Objections are projections of someone’s worse fear

2. Factors that hold entrepreneurs from achieving success

  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Step by step guide in overcoming the objections

3. How to get the right business action plan
4. Advice on starting an online business and his view on passive income

  • Pitfalls of doing business online

5. Building your database to create income
6. Standing out from the crowd. Practical steps you can take to really nail your identify so they you dominate your industry

Expert advice

a. If you don’t know what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to, you can build the best product in the world but no one will buy it.

b. The ability to overcome prospect’s objections is going to dictate whether you close a deal.

Hope you’ll enjoy the interview here!



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