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Permalink to Do You Love Me?
I may have misled you: This isn’t about me. It’s about your customer. Being obsessed with running my own customer-centered business and helping others do the same means I’m continually on the lookout for what…
Permalink to Great Marketers Are Great Lovers
Great marketers are emotional creatures. My mentors, idols, and all the other marketing contemporaries I’ve encountered all seem to have one trait in common, and that’s their ability to L-O-V-E. They embody a…
Permalink to How’s your funnel looking?
I meet with many business owners each week and the one thing I dig deep into is their sales funnel. Now you probably have heard the word “funnel” thrown around quite a bit in the marketing world. You may have also see…
Permalink to Are you speaking their language?
A major responsibility as business owners (myself included) is that we need to continually understand the changing needs of our customers. We all try to always have a stronger understanding of what their problems a…
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