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Permalink to Why marketing doesn’t win you customers
I believe the main goal of marketing is to build awareness about your business and offerings. But does it create buyers? No. Engagement does! Now more than ever it’s difficult to get customers through the door. Whi…
Permalink to 3 steps to dominate social media
During a recent speaking engagement, I was presenting my ideas and concepts regarding how to use social media effectively. One of the attendees began sharing with the group her pain points related to social media. T…
Permalink to My #1 Marketing Tool
I’ve spoken at 4 small business owner events over the last month and the one subject that generates loads of conversation and questions is my newsletter which I send out each Wednesday. I know you know about it…
Permalink to Your bank balance is low
I had a very inspiring session with a new client recently. They’ve been facing a big problem for the last two years, ever since they launched their business. Unfortunately, it’s a problem that a huge amount of bus…
Permalink to Are you speaking their language?
A major responsibility as business owners (myself included) is that we need to continually understand the changing needs of our customers. We all try to always have a stronger understanding of what their problems a…
Permalink to Marketing doesn’t get you clients
What a workshop!  What an event!  I’m still fired up about Saturday’s Surviving 2 Thriving LIVE workshop and excited for the many small business owners who attended the event and brought their A-Game!! Of cou…
Permalink to Feast or famine, are you inconsistent?
We’ve all been on the “feast or famine” roller coaster in our business and personal lives.  You know, an absolutely killer month where everything goes right, profits are high and things just come easy follow…
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