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Permalink to Where’s The Love?
It’s that time of year when love is shoved into our faces and money disappears from our wallets on flowers, chocolates and gifts for our significant other. It’s also a time of year when, as a business owner, I find i…
Permalink to Are you Slacking Off?
Everyday I’m working with business owners helping them take their business’s to the next level. There are times when some clients will come into a session completely flat. They’ve done absolutely n…
Permalink to Get on top of the list!
It’s one thing to be “on” someone’s list…it’s another thing to be on the TOP of that list. Sure, this is often about proper branding, standing out from the crowd, offering a product or service that’s pe…
Permalink to Can you believe it? I got engaged!
Since this only happened a little while ago I haven’t shared this news with many people. Only recently have I started to let people know…and I’m very excited about it! When I got engaged I can honestly say it comp…
Permalink to The best thing you can do for your business
My first day with The Harry M Miller Group (HMMG) as an Agent…excitement, nervousness, but more important a most amazing opportunity! I was 21 years old and my job was to manage the Big Brother Housemates (yes…th…
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