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Permalink to Having it all!
  Having it all. It’s a concept under constant debate. Between my business, partner, family, friends, and the time it takes to look after myself, I have more than a few balls in the air at any one time—and I kno…
Permalink to Seduced by security
Before I took the leap into running my own business practice, I was an employee. While I’ve never been amazing at working for other people I’ve been fortunate enough to work for some amazing companies wh…
Permalink to Looking for new friends
No doubt about it…owning and operating your own business can sometimes turn into an isolated, lonely endeavor. You are working very hard to make your business a success! You may find that you’ve lost that work/l…
Permalink to How To Reinvent Yourself
I’ve been working with an awesome client over the last few months that is a senior publicist for an agency but has a burning desire to be a Caterer.  She loves planning and cooking for parties and fun functions (not…
Permalink to What’s stopping you? I’ll tell you
When was the last time you climbed a tree? I mean really climbed a tree. The inner child in all of us sees a tree and immediately wants to climb it but at some stage of our life we stopped doing it.  The question is…
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