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Permalink to Be a limited edition
Listen to the audio of this blog here. There are many people in this world and it’s a fact that you can’t please them all. Another fact is that you are uniquely you and that no one else looks, acts or feels the…
Permalink to Get In The Arena
Listen to the audio of this week’s blog HERE. Sometimes we can get a little stuck in our business. Maybe we need to make an important decision or maybe we’re facing a hurdle and we’re unsure how to mo…
Permalink to How big is your package?
Size does matter. Hands down I can say that packaging up my expertise was one of the most cleverist (I know that’s not a word) things I’ve done in my business. Part of my mix of clients are business owners who run prof…
Permalink to Confessions of a junkie
As business owners we all know that it’s vital to keep the business growing and moving forward at all times. By “growing” I mean that you’re able to hear about new information and techniques that can be applie…
Permalink to Some bad news
Do you ever have that nagging feeling that you’ll never be ready, or you haven’t learned enough, or simply don’t know enough?  Have you had stray thoughts that include “maybe just one more class and I’ll b…
Permalink to Can you believe it? I got engaged!
Since this only happened a little while ago I haven’t shared this news with many people. Only recently have I started to let people know…and I’m very excited about it! When I got engaged I can honestly say it comp…
Permalink to The mistake that cost me $25K
Anyone else a huge fan of the vanilla Betty Crocker cupcake mix?  I certainly am!  In fact, some people would say that I’m best known for my cupcakes!!  The thing I love about making these is that I know I’ll get…
Permalink to Looking for new friends
No doubt about it…owning and operating your own business can sometimes turn into an isolated, lonely endeavor. You are working very hard to make your business a success! You may find that you’ve lost that work/l…
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