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Permalink to My shift from money to meaning
As my 30th birthday is approaching this month I’ve been doing a huge amount of reflecting on my life, more than usual. During the month of May I’m going to be sharing with you some “AHA” moments I’ve had durin…
Permalink to I need to say this
I sat with a client of mine last week and something came up. Actually, it’s something that comes up quite regularly with the vast majority of my private mentoring clients. This little something is not so little… i…
Permalink to Can you believe it? I got engaged!
Since this only happened a little while ago I haven’t shared this news with many people. Only recently have I started to let people know…and I’m very excited about it! When I got engaged I can honestly say it comp…
Permalink to I just want you to be happy
I have to be honest, this was not the newsletter that was meant to be going out to you this morning! But…I was having one of those evenings when I was trying to sleep but couldn’t turn off my brain. I started to reflect…
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