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SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on iTunes Our guest today on The Success Assembly Podcast is Dave Cervelli. After spending most of his early 20’s travel hoping around Europe, his life changed when he convinced the origi…
SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on iTunes Our guest today on The Success Assembly Podcast is a wonder woman. She’s a mum of 4 children plus she’s the founder of The Business Bakery, an online community helping small bus…
Permalink to My Virtual Little Secret
If you’ve ever reached out to us, there’s no doubt you would have spoken to one of my Assistants at some stage. I have an amazing group of people that make up my team but the one that holds us all together is my
Permalink to It gets lonely in here
There’s no denying it and no way around it…running your own business can get lonely. The long days, the constant mindshare it takes up, the lack of personal time you get…the list goes on. As we work…
Permalink to Does your business have this?
I was presenting a workshop to a group of business owners the other night and they were fascinated with what it takes to create a successful I.F.G.! So today, I’m going to share with you my thoughts on what works (…
Permalink to 6 things 2013 taught me
Welcome to my last blog for 2013. The year just FLEW by, didn’t it? For me, 2013 has been a significant year of personal and professional growth. I’ve learned more about myself this year than ever before and I’ve…
Permalink to Confessions of a junkie
As business owners we all know that it’s vital to keep the business growing and moving forward at all times. By “growing” I mean that you’re able to hear about new information and techniques that can be applie…
Permalink to Want to be a winner?
All throughout life we can either win or we can lose with everything that we do. Both are valuable! In the moment of losing it’s not the best, but after a time one begins to reflect and the lessons learned can be more val…
Permalink to My #1 Marketing Tool
I’ve spoken at 4 small business owner events over the last month and the one subject that generates loads of conversation and questions is my newsletter which I send out each Wednesday. I know you know about it…
Permalink to The best thing you can do for your business
My first day with The Harry M Miller Group (HMMG) as an Agent…excitement, nervousness, but more important a most amazing opportunity! I was 21 years old and my job was to manage the Big Brother Housemates (yes…th…
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