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Permalink to Brand Romance – 4 Marketing Tips from Lady Gaga
Have you ever been to a concert that had you buzzing so much that you wanted to jump up on stage with the artist? That was me last Saturday night, when my friend Kate and I saw Lady Gaga in concert. It was the fourth time I’…
Permalink to What Plants Taught Me About Business Growth
You are the seed of your own business. Often times, that’s why you hear very early stage startups receiving “seed money”. Think about a seed—it’s a densely packed nugget of DNA or information perfectly in…
Permalink to Create a Marketing Plan for Your Business Using 4 Marketing Channels that Crush it Each Time
Successful marketing. Marketers make it look pretty damn simple right?! I mean for me, marketing is the most fun part about running a business. Last week I was with a client and in 90 minutes we mapped out their entire m…
Permalink to Where’s The Love?
It’s that time of year when love is shoved into our faces and money disappears from our wallets on flowers, chocolates and gifts for our significant other. It’s also a time of year when, as a business owner, I find i…
Permalink to Are you speaking their language?
A major responsibility as business owners (myself included) is that we need to continually understand the changing needs of our customers. We all try to always have a stronger understanding of what their problems a…
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