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Permalink to Wake up, Level up
Morning rituals may be on trend lately, but they’re no flash in the pan: It’s been true for years that people who wake up with the sun and work on themselves before checking Facebook have an advantage over the other…
Permalink to A New Year…and?
It’s a new year and a new you. This is your year. Make this a year to remember. On and on it goes. From TV commercials to banner adverts, we’re constantly being told by both people and companies that now is the time to m…
Permalink to Having it all!
  Having it all. It’s a concept under constant debate. Between my business, partner, family, friends, and the time it takes to look after myself, I have more than a few balls in the air at any one time—and I kno…
Permalink to My #1 Marketing Tool
I’ve spoken at 4 small business owner events over the last month and the one subject that generates loads of conversation and questions is my newsletter which I send out each Wednesday. I know you know about it…
Permalink to You heard it here first
Can you believe it? 2013 is almost in our rear view mirrors! So…the time is right to start looking ahead to 2014. But first…I want you to think back to New Year’s Eve 2013. Did you set some personal and business goa…
Permalink to The mistake that cost me $25K
Anyone else a huge fan of the vanilla Betty Crocker cupcake mix?  I certainly am!  In fact, some people would say that I’m best known for my cupcakes!!  The thing I love about making these is that I know I’ll get…
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