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The Secret Sauce (For Business Success)

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Our guest today on The Success Assembly Podcast has won numerous awards as well as being featured as an expert on business and high performance across television, radio, and print networks worldwide. He has spent over 2 decades having enormous business success globally. Our guest is Siimon Reynolds from the Fortune Institute.

In our today’s episode Siimon and I focus on the key elements that make for a successful business, including:

1. Strategies in starting a business.

2. Ingredients of having repeated success both in business and your personal life.

3. Attitude your marketing and sales team has in running a business.

4. Personal coping mechanisms when you are in a down period or lack motivation.

5. How to stay focused on a daily basis and how to manage business and home life.

  • The importance of pre-planning and scheduling.
  • Being efficient in time management.

6. How failure may be used to reach goals and to achieve more success in your business and personal life.

7. Mistakes business owners are making in the online marketing space that cost them in the long run.

Bonus tips:

Siimon and I share our respective ‘morning ritual’ before we set-up our day to be most productive and efficient.

Hope you’ll enjoy the interview here!


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