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Want to be a winner?

All throughout life we can either win or we can lose with everything that we do. Both are valuable! In the moment of losing it’s not the best, but after a time one begins to reflect and the lessons learned can be more valuable than when you’re winning. However…no one wants to be on the losing end of anything forever, right?

Recently I’ve met some big players who in my eyes are consummate winners. Although they’ve certainly had their fair share of losing, there’s a number of qualities these winners possess that I wanted to share with you today.

1. They don’t make excuses

There’s no pointing of fingers here. They own their failures. They rise to the challenges and overcome them by working through it and taking action. If things aren’t working out, it’s because of what they did or did not do and they’ll do what’s necessary to learn the lessons and move forward. You wont find them making any excuses as to why they haven’t achieved what they wanted to.

2. They don’t worry about pleasing everyone

Everyday they are striving to be fair and kind but can handle not being everyone’s best friend. They’re comfortable saying no and having a tough conversation if required. Those that want to please everyone all of the time find that, in the end, they’ve pleased no one. Be fair, be polite, but remember that you have a goal (whatever that may be) so don’t be overly absorbed by wanting everyone to like you.

3. They never quit

Persistence is the key. No matter how many times they get knocked down they bounce back up again. They tweak their approach and go for it again and again. They always have their end goal in mind and are striving to achieve it but they recognise that every time they step up to the plate they won’t hit a home run.

4. They don’t expect immediate results

Reaching success takes time and they realise this. Each day they are chipping away, taking small consistent action that will get them to their desired result. Those “get rich quick” schemes are just that…schemes. Hard work and diligence over the long haul is what leads to success. It’s a marathon…not a sprint!

5. They are positive

Winners are not downers. They don’t whimper and whine every time they hit some adversity. They have a positive outlook most of the time and focus on how their dreams are possible. When you’re negative you don’t have the faith in yourself which makes it harder to reach your goals. Get out of that funk, stop the whining and get moving.

It’s time to be a winner! Want a little help? Each day I’m posting quotes, articles, interviews and videos on my facebook page that will inspire you to be a winner. Head over to my page here and you’ll see!

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