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Where’s The Love?

It’s that time of year when love is shoved into our faces and money disappears from our wallets on flowers, chocolates and gifts for our significant other. It’s also a time of year when, as a business owner, I find it’s an excellent opportunity to evaluate how I’m “showing some love” to my clients!

It’s too easy for work to take over to the point where we forget to pay special attention to those that are paying the bills for us! Do you keep up with what happens to your clients once they make a product purchase or their service is completed? Do you check in with them? If so…how? More important, are your efforts providing positive results?

There are 3 big reasons why implementing what I call a “Love Strategy” is crucial for any business.

WOW Factor
By going above and beyond in showing a little love to your clients you’re providing them with HUGE value. I’m sure you agree that it’s always awesome getting a little extra something in addition to the purchase you made. These little things, these small efforts, can result in a big “WOW” with your clients so be sure to show a little love to develop that WOW Factor.

Keeping Your Business “Top of Mind”
Whether it’s a phone call, email or card in the mail, regular touch points with your past, present and future clients is a non-negotiable effort to perform if you want to run a thriving business. What’s your action plan when it comes to regularly reaching out to clients? What do you that sets you apart from your competitors on a regular basis? If you don’t have this plan, ask yourself if you think your competitors do! Get cracking on that plan so you know how to reach out and who you’ll be reaching out to every month!

Increasing Referrals and Recommendations
Keeping an effective engagement strategy running with your clients (and your overall audience) will go a long way in developing a referral and recommendation network. This is especially important for those business owners that might have a one-and-done type of product or service. Your business can thrive with referrals and recommendations alone, so make sure you are continuously providing some type of value to your client base.

Whether you run a service or product based business online or offline, there are a LOT of ways you can exceed client expectations without over-delivering. There are also many ways to do this without breaking the bank! The key is to have a plan in place that’s effective but not “reactive.”

I walk through this “Love Strategy” in detail during my private mentoring sessions. Of course, I go through quite a bit more so if you’re interested in learning proven techniques on how to continually engage your clients I invite you to reach out to me at Let’s set up some time to chat and go from there!

Thanks, and have an awesome, loved-up week!


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