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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my mentoring program page. If you’ve made it this far then it’s likely that you’re interested in learning more about my three signature mentoring programs. Below you will find great information on my Client Attraction Formula, Undiscovered 2 Authority, and Earn Online Elite programs.

Each one is a 90-day program that is RESULTS driven. Together, we set your business goals then develop the plan of attack that will have you knocking your goals out of the park!

If you’re not afraid of a little hard work and a lot of fun, then I invite you to read more about my programs below which will demonstrate what I can offer to help you and your business succeed!


Your guide to Attracting and Converting new Customers!

By now you may already know that by age 28, I had created, built and sold 3 businesses. I’ve done this through an effective (and repeatable) strategy that I would like to share with you as part of my Client Attraction Formula mentoring program.

Challenges such as attracting more customers, retaining existing customers and increasing referrals and recommendations are all addressed during the program. Every business owner knows that these are key challenges to overcome to sustain and grow their business. The problem is, most don’t know where to start and wind up wasting time and money in a futile attempt to reinvent the wheel.

Work with me to develop strategies and techniques that you can put into practice today to get your business out of that rut and on the road to bring business through your front door all year round.

Contact me today to learn more about transforming your business through working with me privately.


Your tools to Build, Bottle and Boost your business!

It’s one thing to make others “aware” of you and your business. It’s an entirely different thing to be looked upon by your peers and your competitors as the Authority in your field. What would you rather be…on the list or at the TOP of the list.

I take my experience of working with some of the biggest names in Australian Media and Television and share with you my proven, expert formula to becoming the Authority Figure in your industry. Specifically designed for Coaches and Consultants, my Undiscovered 2 Authority private mentoring program takes you through a step-by-step process that will have you creating your own personal brand.

This program will teach you how to effectively brand yourself, how to develop and package your unique intellectual property and how to create offline and online promotion strategies that will have you setting up your own six-figure coaching or consulting business.

Contact me today to see how this program could turn your coaching/consulting business and life around.


Your Formula For Creating Online Products & Services!

“Passive Income” – words that make business owners salivate. The thought of going to sleep and waking up with money in your account overnight for something you’ve already created is the goal of every business owner. The thoughts of “mailbox money” magically appearing sounds great, doesn’t it?

Back in 2013 I went on a quest to learn from (and invest in) those that were the best in the business at creating online products and services. At the time, I was reaching my personal capacity with my one-on-one clients and needed to find a more leveraged model where I could create a program once and sell it over and over again.

After 12 months of learning from these gurus, I launched the Studio Success Formula targeted toward the dance studio owner market. My vision was to build an online business school for studio owners…and that vision has come to life. Now, thanks to my quest, I have a solid passive income product in addition to recurring membership options all of which is promoted through a podcast and free video training series.

If you want to scale your service-based business and introduce an online product and/or recurring memberships, then the Earn Online Elite program is what you need to start realising that “passive income” goal!

Let’s talk today so we can discuss how creating an online product or service can overhaul how you do business and how you’re living your life!

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