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You will be judged

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In a recent newsletter I talked about resilience and how being a fat kid taught me so many life lessons…especially about being resilient.

Judgment is something all of us are faced with everyday of our lives. Judgment from others and more often (yes, it’s true) judgment from ourselves.

Judgment from others can come in the form of a look, spoken word, written word…the list goes on. One thing I’ve learned about judgment from others is that it’s rarely personal. Judgment is purely a reflection of someone else identifying something they want in their life that they don’t yet have or a way of shielding their insecurities through putting another person down.

In saying this, we never stop judging others but when we become aware of it we can swiftly access why we’re doing it and take the appropriate action.

Have you ever been working out in the gym, sweat marks everywhere, you’re feeling very unattractive and in walks your version of Zeus or Aphrodite? Stunning, not an inch of fat on them and they’re absolutely glowing. What’s the first thing that enters your thoughts? “Must be on steroids” or “None of that is real, she’s had so much work done.” Admit it, we have all done this at some point and instead of appreciating what we see, we judge because we want what they have. In a way, we are envious and envy is just an expression of something we don’t have ourselves that we want.

I figured out from a young age that we’re being judged every single day and the sooner we get over that the sooner we can move on with our life and start doing what we were put on this Earth to do.

My challenge for you today is a good one. Go about your day living on purpose and not worrying about how others are (or will) react to your actions. Also, be aware of when you judge another and really identify where it came from and if that person is potentially doing or showing something to you that you want for yourself.


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