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Your Action Plan For Creating Motivation In 2015

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It’s a new year so it makes absolute sense that I’m speaking this week with a motivation guru, in fact he’s a Doctor. Not the type that will give you medication for your cold but instead he will be giving you the prescription for getting and staying motivated. My guest on The Success Assembly Podcast is Jason Fox and he’ll be sharing his tips for becoming more productive and motivated in your life and business. He’s not into smart goals, believe to achieve slogans and instead is about making clever happen through the use of motivation science and game design to influence behaviour and drive progress!

In this interview Jason and I discuss:

What is motivation?

  • How motivation is sustained by hard work/ perspiration
  • How to make our work inherently motivating
  • The progress concept. To be more focused on celebrating the small wins

Effective ways to monitor progress

  • Combination of rituals and structures, whether analog or digital
  • Checklist strategies

How to promote a nurturing environment led by innovation?

  • How to create a team that’s always innovating
  • Providing a framework where people can test ideas and share with the group

Advice to solopreneurs with small teams

  • Reflect on where the business is going and evaluate upcoming opportunities
  • What should we be focusing on
  • What’s the key to narrowing that gap and bringing us closer to a life and business that we want
  • Approach to collaboration

Enjoy the interview with Jason here and I hope it serves you well to really make a great head start on 2015! Have an awesome week!




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